Our Story

Welcome! We are Jill + Kayla Haupt. Together we own Under a Tin Roof, a small family business built around our love of all things handmade, country living, and our bond as mother and daughter.

Our business began in 1997 when Jill was painting custom murals. Twenty years later, the division Under A Tin Roof was created when Kayla's son Tad was born. We decided to go into business together! Coupled with Jill's creative genius and Kayla's love of writing, our blog and products were made into a reality. 

We are now located in Iowa on a small 5 acre farm near one of the largest Amish communities in the United States. We love seeing the horse and buggies drive past our house everyday!

We design and create handmade goods such as apparel, household items, and embroidery kits. Jill is a gifted illustrator, graphic designer, and craftswoman. She dreams up our designs and illustrates our printed graphics. Kayla is a master gardener, writes our blog, and handles our social media. We now even sell online courses! Each of our products is inspired by our love of botanicals and the picturesque country lifestyle that we live amongst every single day. 

We spent two years on our tiny homestead equipped with a custom built greenhouse, kitchen garden, and chicken coop we moved a few miles down the road onto our farm. After silently hunting for some acreage, we found the most gorgeous 1917 farmhouse with a plot of established aronia berries and apple trees. What luck! We have so many ideas for the future. In the upcoming summer of 2018, we hope to open our farm to the public as a u-pick, CSA program, and general store. Check back in to see when we will be open! Keep scrolling to learn more about our blog and products.


About Our Blog

After moving to the Iowa countryside, our family fell in love with the idea of living sustainably. Our dream of having a cottage-style kitchen garden came to life equipped with a tiny greenhouse and a flock of backyard chickens. Now we live on a small 5 acre u-pick farm! We hope to inspire others to live more sustainably, learn where their food comes from, and return to living a more simplified lifestyle. After two years of blogging, we have been featured in publications such as Heirloom Gardener, Artful Blogging, Willow and Sage, and Beekman 1802 Almanac.

On our blog you will find topics such as gardening, herbalism, rustic recipes, botanical remedies, raising chickens, eating whole foods, household projects, and events geared towards our business. The main focus of our blog is to share our journey in sustainable living by teaching others how to garden, keep small livestock, find local + organic foods, and to simplify their homes and lives as well as to promote our business. 

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About Our Shop

We've always had a love of making goods by hand! Jill started this company back in 1997 painting custom murals, which led to a journey in hand painting children's furniture, creating carved wooden signs, hand painted containers, and eventually printed sportswear for our local high school. That was where the business came to stand still for a couple of years; we had moved across the country and found little inspiration down south. Kayla was about to enter college, and there was a definite need for rebirth in the brand! When Kayla's son, Tad, was born we decided to go into business together and take some creative liberties with the business. It's constantly changing and evolving - so are we as humans! As two creative women, it's impossible for us to keep our energy singled in one place. You will always find something fresh here at Under A Tin Roof, always botanically inspired and filled with femininity. 

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