how it all began

In 2015, Kayla Haupt was a single mother newly moved to southeastern Iowa with her parents, Jill and Kurt. She was working part-time in the food industry and was unsure if the path of higher education was part of her destiny. Her mother, Jill, had been creating handmade products for the past 20 years and wished to move the business online. They decided to team up with Kayla’s knowledge on web design and Jill’s creativity. Under A Tin Roof was created on a passion for useful and authentic goods. They began by making handmade clothing from sustainable materials and evolved into other products that were feminine and beautiful as well as purposeful.

After a year of making products by hand and traveling across the country to sell their goods at Country Living Fair, the girls were inspired to start a garden. They turned their 1/4 acre backyard in town (with lots of help from Kurt!) into a mini homestead equipped with a 1,300 square foot award-winning garden, glass greenhouse, and chicken coop.


meet kayla

A home cook and backyard homesteader turned farmer, Kayla Haupt convinced her family to change their lifestyle and live by the seasons. She started Under A Tin Roof with her mom back in 2015, and it has since turned into an entire family endeavor! Here she shares their lives as farmers and creations from the land.

We became farmers

Growing their own food became a huge part of the Haupt Family’s lives. It changed everything. They began branching out in their diets and eating more diverse vegetables than ever. Over time, it was apparent that eating seasonally and by cooking with whole ingredients was here to stay. A full garden season later, it was suggested by their good friends (now partners) Wild Farm that they should try starting a Community Supported Agriculture program with their extra garden produce.

Not more than a month or so later, in winter of 2017, a small 3.5 acre farm popped up on the market! The family took a chance and bought a farm with a hundred-year-old farmhouse and over 800 aronia berry bushes. They changed up the landscape and began their own market-garden production!

our family grew

That first growing season, Kayla and the family start a Community Supported Agriculture program growing on almost 1/3 of an acre. They grew various crops like beets, lettuce, broccoli, squash, sweet corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, kohlrabi, berries, cut flowers, and more. They increased their flock of hens to 60 and expanded the garden to exactly one acre of production in spring of 2019. Their program also boasts pastured raised meats from their farm friends and neighbors!

In the winter of 2018, the family converted their garage into a small country store where they sell their seasonal produce, free range eggs, handmade goods, and other local foods from neighboring Iowa farms such as honey, meats, coffee, teas, and more.

Around that time they added another addition to the family: Kayla’s fiancee, Kyle!

With the family growing, the business is evolving as well. We are excited to continue growing amazing seasonal produce, cultivating a community of customers, and finding a balance and rhythm in living a simple, sustainable lifestyle!

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