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Hey there! We are so glad you are here. Have you been meandering about our website, or maybe this is your first stop? If so, welcome! We are Jill and Kayla Haupt, two girls, a mother and daughter duo, working together to create content that we love. This website is a couple of things: our blog, our online shop, and our connection to you. This is where the magic happens, where we share an open door to our lifestyle and brand. Jill, on the left, founded this company over 20 years ago. Then it was called Jillian Haupt & Co. and was a way for Jill to creatively express herself while Kayla was a toddler. She created custom murals and painted children's furniture. Now, Kayla is grown up, and we decided to rebrand the business to Under A Tin Roof, named after the tin roofed studio we create in.

A lot has changed since then, and it still continues to evolve today! Now we are sharing our journey in homesteading on a little less than an acre of land, teaching embroidery, and traveling to art shows across the country. Have you heard of Country Living Fair? We go to all of those! This small business is growing and growing with your help. Our aim is to inspire others to be more self sustainable, to show you that growing your own food is easier than you might think, and to help you hone in on a new craft. Feel free to wander around and let us know how we can help you!

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Our Blog is all about living a simple life of beauty!

From our favorite recipes and researching herbal medicines to our experience growing our own food in the backyard, we hope that our blog inspires others to live more simply and presently in their everyday lives. We loved watching others across the internet moving from the big city to live life out in the country. While we love country living, it was the homes in town that appealed more to us and our budget! Our goal is to prove that anyone, anywhere can grow their own food, raise small livestock like bees and chickens, and slow down while still living their lives normally. On our blog you can find our hands on experiences, tips from us on how we operate our homestead, DIY ideas and whole food recipes, and even some ramblings on our journeys as mothers. 

What do you think? Are you ready to slow down your life and grow something?

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We Create Quality Handmade Goods In Our Tiny Studio

In 2015, we teamed up together to create handmade goods to sell online that we had never attempted before. You see, Jill started this business back in 1992 making custom murals. Never did we think that we would be embroidering, teaching online courses, and selling Jill's amazing artwork on dry goods. It's a blast! We love branching out and trying new things with our products, and we hope that you enjoy them, too. In our online shop, you will find clothing and accessories for women, such as linen aprons, tees, and reusable totes. Kayla is a contemporary embroidery artist, and she teaches an online course to help you get started learning. We also come out with a new embroidery pattern + supply kit every month for our Embroidery Club. It's so fun!

We just started a new adventure selling bulk herbs and home apothecary ingredients. Eek! We'll be releasing more items soon, so be on the lookout. If you want, you can subscribe to our newsletter to know exactly when we drop new items!