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2018 CSA Shares

Share Sizes

We currently offer a family share size. This is enough food to feed a family of four for a week, or two people who mostly eat at home. Every week you will receive a selection of fresh vegetables, a meat portion, and seasonal additions like free range eggs, honey, or specialized produce.


Our Season

Our season is 18 weeks, starting around June 10th and ending on October 10th. Of course this can depend entirely upon the weather! We have limited space for shareholders, so please act accordingly with the beginning of our season! 

Pick Up Time

Pick up is every Friday from 3PM-7PM; if this time does not work for you please let us know and we will accommodate. Please bring your own bags and boxes to fill with your share.  


Our Share Price

Family shares for the summer season are $745 or about $40 per week. At this stage, we require the full share price up front to ensure your spot in our CSA Program. Do you need a payment plan? We can try to work something out for your family! Please contact us here.


Wondering what to do with the less popular vegetables in your share this week? How do you cook a kohlrabi? We are here to help! Each week, we will share a handful of recipes that you can take inspiration from in your own kitchen. These recipes will be shared on our special CSA Recipe Blog, and we will also send out weekly newsletters letting you know what's on the menu so you can plan accordingly. Not sure how to store certain vegetables either? We'll send you information on that, too!

If you miss a week

We completely understand how busy life can be! There might be a week over the season that you miss and cannot pick up. Please let us know ahead of time if there is an issue with your pick up, or if you are planning to go on vacation. We understand, but we'd like to have a plan for your food. If possible, send along a friend or relative to pick up in your place! If your food is still here when we close up pick-up on Friday, we will send your food to a local food bank so that it can still be eaten and enjoyed. If you know ahead of time that you won't be there, just send us a message, and we can save it for you for a day or two!

Bring your kids

We encourage you to bring your children out to the farm! We have a small playground outside of the farm store that they are welcome to play on while you fill up your bags. We do ask that you take responsibility for your own children; our farm is kid-safe as we have a little one of our own, and we know how toddlers can get into trouble! We ask that you do not bring any pets along as we have many animals here on the farm that may provoke a scurry.

Wash your vegetables

Washing vegetables costs a lot of money and time! We try to wash off a majority of our vegetables before you pick up, but some will still have soil on them. This is better preservation and storage life for them as well. While we use natural growing practices, we still use natural fertilizers for our plants such as compost, manure, and worm castings. Please wash your vegetables before you cook with them! Be kind to yourself and your food and act responsibly.  


Purchase your share

By signing up, you understand that we are not responsible for acts of Mother Nature and that you are willing to accept the conditions that farmers are faced with throughout the growing season.