Summer Flower Bouquet CSA

Summer Flower Bouquet CSA


2019 Summer Flower Bouquet CSA Shares NOW AVAILABLE

Is there anything better than receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers? We can tell you what’s better - purchasing flowers that are grown locally! Did you know that more than 80% of flowers purchased in the United States are grown overseas? These blooms are grown most commonly in South America, raised with heavy use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and under poor labor conditions. Flowers bought at the grocery store, if imported, are often well over a week old which means that they will only last a handful of days on your table.

Buying local flowers means that you are taking a part in a movement. By purchasing from us, you are saying no to the use of harsh chemicals, carbon emissions from long-distance shipping, low quality product, exploitative labor practices, lack of diversity in flower variety, and a floral industry that is focused more on cheap profit than quality.

This share includes a weekly large bouquet of diverse, fresh, interesting, beautiful, and long-lasting flowers. Flowers will be different every single week and throughout the entirety of the season. Enjoy specialty blooms like dahlias, snapdragons, stock, zinnias, sunflowers, bells of ireland, and more.

The 18 Week Summer Flower Bouquet CSA Share will begin June 12th and ends October 9th.

If you prefer to pay offline, please click here. For more information please read below! We do not accept returns on farm items.

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Pick-Up day is every Tuesday from 10AM - 5PM at Under A Tin Roof Farm + Country Store located at 3119 320th St, Wellman, IA 52356. If you choose to pick-up at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market, we will be there on Wednesdays from 5PM - 7PM. We do not offer bags at this time, so please bring your own. You may also purchase from our selection of reusable canvas totes at 10% off. 

Please Note: Under A Tin Roof Farm will do their best to offer a wide variety of fresh, organic, and pesticide-free produce and cut flowers. Please understand that there is always a certain risk involved in farming. Although it is rare, crop failure can occur. Additionally, please understand that the given dates are subject to adjustment based on Mother Nature. We do not offer refunds for farm products. 

If you have questions, please check our FAQ page. If you need additional help feel free to contact us at any time.