Meet the Farmers


Jill Haupt

Founder, Illustrator + Creative Director

Jill founded this company, originally named Jillian Haupt & Co, back in 1997. With her love of graphic design, illustration, and creative genius, she started by painting custom murals and eventually began hand painting children's furniture and other household goods. Now she is the creative director of our business and creates all of our products from start to finish! We would not be able to sell the amazing goods that we do without her. 

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Kayla Haupt

Writer, Photographer, + farmer

Kayla began helping out with the family business from the time she was a toddler. Now she is a co-owner, writes our blog, is the person behind the camera, and handles all of our social media and customer service. She also works as the face and voice of our brand, for the most part. When it comes to our homesteading journey, As a Master Gardener, Kayla is the one most often working with our plants + animals! She also writes for Heirloom Gardener, Fin + Vince and Love Wild Tribe.

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Under A Tin Roof

Kurt Haupt

The Backbone

Kurt does a little bit of everything around the homestead! As Jill's husband, he has been helping her build up the family business from the beginning. Kurt is an industrial engineer and helps the brand run smoothly. Whether that means constructing and designing our home, farm buildings, or traveling show pieces, he is there with a plan! A learning homesteader, Kurt helps work the garden and take care of the livestock. We are always so grateful for his support and dedication; without him this brand would not be nearly as cool as it is!



Tad Haupt

Expert Chicken Caretaker + honeycomb eater

Tad is Kayla's son, who is currently two-and-a-half and expertly energetic. He has created a strong and special bond with our flock of six chickens, to whom he feeds daily and cleans after them... sometimes. He helped inspire the creation of this brand, and is always willing to help! He is passionate about chickens, cats, bees, farm vehicles, and getting dirty.