About Kayla

Hello! My name is Kayla. Sometimes I’m called Kay; we’re both the same person, I promise! 

Two weeks before I was about to move into my freshman college dorm, I took a pregnancy test on a whim and discovered that I was pregnant with my son. A week later, I found out that I would be raising him on my own, with the immediate support of my parents. 

On a rainy day in April, my son, Theodore otherwise known as Tad, was born. With his egg head and assertive attitude, I knew we were a match made in heaven. He has changed my entire perspective on life. It’s been a wild ride so far! My boy is independent, loud, full of energy, stubborn, and proud. I am quiet, prone to daydreaming, introverted, thoughtful, and obsessive. We could not be more opposite, and he has taught me more about being a woman than I ever thought possible. 

Now, we still live in the same house with my parents, and I have only two jobs: raising a toddler and working on this business. We live minimally and are graced with some really amazing luxuries from other brands who ask to be featured with our photography. You can see the brands that we love using and working with here

I am a single parent, and no, I’m not dating anyone. I choose to spend my time like the old grandma that I am at heart: 
embroidering, knitting, weaving, drinking coffee, talking to chickens, tending to my kitchen garden, going to my knitting circle, collecting old baskets and beeswax candles, baking pies and bread, reading Outlander, listening to Renaissance classical music, and thinking about what life was like in the 18th century... it’s an exciting life to a typical 20-something, but I find that it’s filled with absolute bliss.

If you’re visiting this website for the first time, then you’ll probably be reading a majority of my voice within all of these pages. I write the Under A Tin Roof Blog and work on our website, social media, and anything else that needs code/words/etc interjected. When I started working on this business with my mom, we decided that we wanted to have specific jobs. I was better at writing, and she was better at making! Some of my writing has been published in several magazines like Artful Blogging, our garden won an award, and I am a Master Gardener Intern!

I do make some products, like weavings, embroidery, and beauty items. Other than that, Jill is your woman, and she somehow amazingly pulls it all off! There’s also my dad, Kurt, who has built up the Under A Tin Roof Homestead in the most brilliant way. 

Our business has changed and grown over the past year and still continues to change today. In the beginning, we were really intent on selling handmade clothing for women and children. Today, I am more focused on sharing our life on a backyard homestead, teaching embroidery e-courses, and one day writing books about our lives. Dreams can come true!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me! Feel free to follow along on my personal accounts (Instagram + Pinterest) Check out some my favorite blog posts below! Want more blog posts geared towards kiddos? I'm part of the blog team over at Fin + Vince as well! 

Fun Facts about me:

Dream Job:  Historian/Archeologist - basically Indiana Jones

Hidden Talent:  Tap Dancing

Favorite Movie:  Castle in the Sky

Spirit Animal:  Grizzly Bear

Favorite Song:  Girlfriend in a Coma, Harvest Moon, + From Eden

Guilty Pleasure:  Twilight or Vampire Diaries

High School Superlative:  Most Likely to Join Every Club

Celebrity Crush:  Harrison Ford

Favorite Food:  Pancakes or Quesadillas

Childhood Hero:  Indiana Jones



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