farm rules

Our farm is open to the public. It is also where we live. We kindly ask that you please respect our farm and our property, and we hope to show you the same respect when you come to visit.

  • We require that you pay for any produce that is picked or damaged while you are visiting. We do not currently offer any u-pick options. While our apples or flowers may look tempting, please do not pick them! We understand that accidents may happen and that little hands are hard to keep track of. 
  • Please park on the side of the road and NOT in the driveway.  There are lots of little people and little animals running around here. We will eventually put in a parking area, but for now please park on the road shoulder.
  • Keep the farm and store litter free. Please dispose of all trash in the designated receptacles located at the General Store.
  • No pets are allowed at the farm. We know that it may be tempting to bring your canine friend along, but we have free range animals (cats and chickens) that might become frightened or defensive. Leave your pup at home!
  • Do not handle or feed chickens without permission. They're pretty hard to catch, but if you are lucky enough to corner a chicken, please do not pick him/her up. Our hens and roosters are free range, which means they are wandering around our farm. Though they are friendly, if you pick a hen up our roosters may get defensive. We also ask that you do not enter our chicken coop as this can easily spread disease to our flock. Feeding chickens any of your leftovers or snacks is also strictly prohibited!
  • Stay away from farm machinery. We are a working farm, and that might mean we have tractors and/or other equipment out. Please be mindful.
  • Do not climb on our trees. It can take up to three years for an apple tree to regrow a broken spur (where the apple is produced). 
  • Keep watch of your little ones. We welcome all children to the farm! Please be mindful and keep watch over your own children. While we do have a play area designated for the tiny people, there are a lot of exciting things here that are not always safe (i.e. tractors, heavy machinery, trees, and sometimes even roosters or kitties). We ask that you please pay attention and do not let your children wander!
  • Do not enter the fields. Though tempting, please do not walk in the fields where produce and flowers are being grown. That area is constantly being maintained and is where our highest quality products come from. We would hate for any damage to happen or someone to get hurt!


photography policy

Photoshoots can be really fun to host here at the farm! We are open to many ideas, though we do have a few requests before you stop by. Please contact us first if you plan to do any sort of scheduled photoshoot (i.e. props, amongst any flowers, etc). We are completely open to any one person bringing their camera along to take snapshots, but unless otherwise stated by us, do not enter the fields to take photos without permission. 

  • Please follow the rules stated above if you are performing an approved photoshoot. 
  • No cars are allowed in the farm fields or surrounding lawn areas. 
  • No pets are allowed in photoshoots. 
  • Small props can be brought, but please only bring things that you can carry in and out easily. 
  • All photoshoots must be completed during business hours.
  • Please pay for what you pick or use from our General Store.



Thank you for your cooperation!