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How large is a family share?

A family share is about 1/2 bushel worth of food. This includes meat and will vary week to week as our harvests vary. A family share will feed a family of 4 or 2 people who mostly eat at home. This is a lot of food, so you have been forewarned! If this sounds like too much food for you, we do offer a Half Share option, which is the same amount of meat per week but half of the veggies - about 1/4 bushel per week.

When and where do i Pick up my share?

We currently host CSA pick up at our farm, Under A Tin Roof Farm. Members can currently pick up on Fridays from 3PM to 7PM. If this time does not work for you, please let us know and we will try to accommodate. We are hoping to have scheduled pick up locations in the surrounding cities next year!

How long is the season?

We currently offer two CSA seasons: summer and fall. Our summer season is 18 weeks (June - October) and our fall season is 5 weeks (October - November). We plan to add a spring season of 5 weeks (May - June) in 2019. Our seasons can depend entirely upon the weather, so please keep an eye out for any date announcements and act accordingly with our season.

how much is a share? 

Family shares start at $300 for 5 weeks and can jump up to $900 for 18 weeks. This is calculated to come out at around $50 of organic food per week.

Can I pay for my share in installments?

At this time, we can offer a payment plan of three installments, paid accordingly throughout the season. Other than that we ask that you pay up front to insure your spot in the program. Spots go quickly, so please let us know if you need some financial help. We understand and want everyone to have access to good food! 

I don't know how to cook kohlrabi or what to do with all of this food!

No worries! We have a special recipe service that can you help you out. Not sure how to cook with pac choi or a rutabaga? New vegetables can be intimidating! Our CSA program comes with a weekly blog post filled with recipes and advice on how to cook certain veggies and meal ideas for your family. This is called our Seasonal Recipe Blog

can I bring my family with to pick up?

Yes! We encourage any family members or friends to accompany you when you pick up your food.

What about my dog?

Nope! Please do not bring your dog or any other pets with you when you pick up at the farm. We have free range animals walking around which may cause a scurry.

I have to miss a week of pick-up. what do I do?

We totally understand that complications arise or that your family will be going on vacation! If you absolutely cannot pick up your food yourself, please send a friend or family member to enjoy the produce in your place. If you cannot send anyone, we will keep your meat in the freezer for when you get back. Fruits/vegetables that cannot be saved will be donated to a local food bank.

can I pick up at any of the listed CSA locations?

No. When you sign up for our CSA program, you will have the option to choose which location you want to pick up your share at. This is the only place that you can pick up throughout the season so make sure that it works for you every week! This is to make sure we have everyone’s food in the correct place.