When Will A Product Be Back in Stock?

Because we are a small, handmade business run by two women, that means most of our stock is unique and exclusive. There are only so many products we can make at a time; this often leaves items out of stock rather quickly. If you are looking for a product that is out of stock, please wait patiently, and feel free to ask us when we might have more for you to purchase. 

Can you make me a special shirt/weaving/embroidery?

We do not currently take on custom orders at this time. Sorry!


When Will My order Arrive?

If you are expecting an order, please allow up to 2 weeks make time before we ship. Most of our handmade items, such as our sewn clothing, is made to order... that means we make it when you order it! Our knit, woven, and embroidered items can take between 3-4 weeks make time. Once items are shipped, they go by USPS Priority Mail, which is 3-5 business days. 20 days if you are overseas. You can read more about shipping on our Terms + Conditions page.


I am An Influencer + Would Love to Represent Your Product!

If you are interested in representing our brand + featuring our products on your social media and/or blog, please feel free to check out our Sponsorships page. We typically require a media kit + an explanation for why/how you could potentially showcase our items. 

Do You ship to international countries?

Not at this time. We apologize about this inconvenience if you live outside of the USA! 


Do you sell wholesale?

Not at this time. Our business is small - it's just the two of us! We create, design, and execute all of our products, and though we would love if they were available in your store, we just don't have the time to make wholesale products + keep up with our own orders. 
We are currently working on a wholesale program that will be available in early 2018. Please check back then!



I'm new to gardening. Where should I start?

That's a good question! This is our first year gardening, so we don't have all of the answers, but you are welcome to follow along with our blog as we work through trial and error this year. All of our blog posts on gardening are under the "Garden" tab, and this post is a good place to start if you are curious about what all a growing a garden entails. If you are just beginning to plant seeds, here is a guide about what to plant and when. 
We will be offering a free Garden Start Up E-Course next spring. Super excited! You can learn more about that here.


My plants keep dying! help me!

This question pops up frequently in our inbox. All plants are different, and the best way to view them is in a similar way to children. Sometimes they need water, sometimes they don't. It's life on a day to day basis. If you need a more in depth look at how to care for house plants, please check out this blog post.


How Big Is Your Property?

We live on a little less than an acre.

How Can I keep Up With What's Happening On Your Homestead?

Every other Friday we share a Homestead Update on our blog that showcases what has been happening in the garden, with the chickens, and anything else around the homestead that we find important to share! Click here to read past posts.


How did you build your greenhouse?!

Our greenhouse was designed and constructed entirely by Kurt and built in about two months. We are not currently selling the plans to design since it was constructed entirely around the unique, reclaimed windows we found, but you can read all about how it was built in this blog post here to get some inspiration! Some building plans are currently in the works for future release.


How Can I get Access to your Fall Planting Guide?

Our fall planting guide lets you know when and what to plant for a fall gardening schedule! You must be a newsletter subscriber to access this downloadable guide. Upon accepting the subscription, you will receive a welcome email that contains the link and password to access the guide. Click HERE to sign up for our newsletter!


How Did you pick the types of Chickens that You have?

We looked into which types of chickens were the best for family-friendly and child-friendly pets! There are actually several breeds out there that serve this purpose, but we decided to go with the most docile of breeds that also produce a large amount of eggs throughout the year. You can read our other chicken breed recommendations HERE.


Why Did You use Chicken Wire For Your Coop?

It's not too often, but we have received the comment that using chicken wire for your coop is a bad thing! This is entirely based upon your own preference, but some of the reasons that chicken wire can be a negative aspect to chicken keeping is due to its mild protection against predators. The holes are larger for predatory animals to bend and reach through. We decided that we don't have a large predator risk, and we also wanted to save some money. Our chickens' run is very large, and a predator would have to have limbs that are 8+ feet long to reach our chickens from any angle!





How Many Chickens do you have?

We currently have 6 chickens.


Which Breeds of Chicken do you have?

We have two of each breed: Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and Australorps.


What Do you Feed Your chickens?

I am glad you asked! We are currently raising our chickens organically, and we always will. We get our chickens' feed from a local mill, Professional Proteins, and have found that it works wonders. Hardly any waste! We also feed them snacks like mealworms, whole scratch grains, and our own herbal mixes. You can try making our chicken mixes yourself (Nesting Box MixSnack Mix).


How Do Keep Your Chickens from Running Away?

This question always cracks us up, but we totally get it! If you're new to keeping backyard chickens and, like us, live in a residential area how are you supposed to keep them in your yard? We don't let our chickens free range in the yard all day. If we did, then they would be in the neighbors' yards all of the time. We let them out into their caged run for the day and whenever we work outside, let them into the yard. They do a pretty good job of sticking together and in our boundaries all on their own!