Embroidery Club FAQ

What is the difference between a kit and a digital download?

Our club kits include all of the physical supplies you need to complete each month's pattern (i.e. printed pattern on fabric, hoop, needles, threads, and extras). The digital download is a PDF that will come to you as a link in your email inbox with no physical supplies. The digital download will always be $10.


Do I have to order a subscription?

No! We offer month-to-month payment plans if you would only like to opt in for one pattern. This way you can certainly skip a month if you desire. We will, however, be offering subscription plans in the future for those of you who want to order several months in advance.


How will I know when the next kit comes out?

You can sign up for our Embroidery Club Newsletter. We send out plenty of reminders about Instagram Live dates, blog dates, and releases of new patterns. We even sometimes send out exclusive deals and sales. Plus, when you sign up, you'll receive access to a free video on 5 Basic Stitches You Need To Know and a free embroidery pattern every week. 


I want the kits from previous months! Do you have any extras you could sell me?

Our Embroidery Club Kits are exclusive to each month they are released. That means after the last day of each month, they disappear and are stored in our archives! If you missed out on months previous, we will not resell monthly patterns. If you would like to jump on board and get ahold of a kit that you like, don't hesitate! They sell out quickly.

Do I have to participate in the "club" part?

Nope. Interacting with the club is completely up to you, and you have absolutely no obligations to introduce yourself or say anything. If you would like to share your work or say hi, we would love to hear from you, but understand if that's just not your jam. We hope you have fun stitching either way! (:


I bought a Kit. How do I access the Instructions?

You should receive an email from us (Under A Tin Roof) that contains your PDF instructions. If you have not received your instruction file, then please send us a message and we will make sure that it arrives to your inbox! (:


How much do kits cost?

The price of kits may vary each month, but for now they are $29. Depending on the amount of threads and various supplies, we may have to increase that amount.


Is this club for Beginners?

Yes! Every pattern is made with all levels of embroidery in mind. If there is a stitch that is too difficult for you, we make sure to provide simpler stitches you can try in its place. This club is meant to help you expand your creativity; not all stitches need to be done traditionally nor should they be done to perfection. Just have fun and try something new!


I don't know how to embroider at all! What should I do? What resources do you recommend?

Are you brand new to embroidery? Not to worry! We now have an online course called Beginner's Botanical Embroidery that is perfect for the beginner. Inside you'll learn the history, tools, and 16 basic stitches to get you started on our patterns.