Under a Tin Roof + Wild Farm CSA Program


The Best Food on Earth Grown Naturally.


We want to share our passion of growing amazing food with you!

With a combination of talents, non-GMO and pasture raised meats + a variety of produce grown with organic practices, we know that you will enjoy this amazing selection of farm fresh ingredients!

Every Week + Every season is different!

If you decide to take the leap and join the UATR + Wild Farm CSA Program, you will learn the pleasure and positive outcome of eating the freshest seasonal produce, meats, and eggs. You are supporting a passion project built by small, sustainable farmers who have a love of providing food for your family. We believe in less: less pesticides, less hormones, less worry. You'll find food that is grown and raised with organic practices in mind. 

We provide a program with a season that consists of 18 weeks. This is from around June 10th through October 10th. Unless we fill up, new shareholders can join the program at any time and the price will be adjusted. Our boxes come with a set inventory of food for your family and can feed a family of 4 or 2 people who mostly eat at home. At this time we do not offer custom boxes. Please click the button below to see our price list, schedule, and what will come inside of your box! 

NEW:  We are now offering a Fall CSA Share! This consists of 5 weeks of produce, meats, and flowers starting October 19th. Click here to learn more.

Under A Tin Roof

Our Meat

Our meat, provided by Wild Farm, is raised out in the pasture with natural practices! Our chickens are a Cornish Cross breed and roam freely eating grains, greens, or whatever they can find! No harmful antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones are used and they are non-GMO. 

Our pork is raised in a similar fashion! They are GAP certified, antibiotic free, and fed locally sourced non-GMO feed. They are a Berkshire cross breed, a rare breed of pork which originated in Great Britain. Our hogs are raised outdoors with access to shelter and fresh hay for bedding to sleep and play in. 

Every week you will receive either a whole chicken or a pork bundle, consisting of different cuts of pork (chops, bone in shoulder, loin, ground, bacon, and more!). You are getting a really amazing choice of meat, grown locally, safely, and with a passion. We believe that pasture-raised meat is the best kind!

Not sure what to do with all of that meat? We'll give you ideas every week on how to cook up something delicious! Check out our recipe blog below.

Our Produce

The vegetables provided in each share change from week to week. Every single box is different, and that provides you with a beautifully diverse diet for your weekly meals! You will find that the family size share we provide is plenty for a family of four for a week. Because we work seasonally, our garden provides a smaller bounty in the earlier spring and summer months, and we have lots of choices to provide by August through October! All of our vegetables are grown with natural practices. We are not currently certified - we are growing naturally! That means we do not use synthetic sprays, fertilizers, and practice Integrated Pest Management. You are welcome to stroll through the garden and ask us about picking your own herbs.

Don't forget that we share a weekly recipe service as well to help you navigate your vegetables. You may experience new vegetables and varieties that are strange to you. No worries! We will provide you with meal ideas on our CSA recipe blog so that nothing goes to waste.

Want a month-by-month outlook of what might come in your weekly box? Click the button below!


Not Sure What to Cook? No Problem! We have you covered.

Every week we share a new blog post with recipe ideas for the contents of your box. It is a service that is free of cost and included with your membership to our CSA program. On pick up day every week, you will receive a newsletter from us in your inbox letting you know what will be inside your box for the next two weeks, recipe ideas, and events we may have coming up. You can also find these recipes right here on the Under A Tin Roof blog. This perfect pairing of our regular blog mixed with our CSA program will be such a wonderful partnership. Our recipes are beautifully crafted and unique to each week. We are passionate about creating plant based meals as well as putting our meat selections to good use. Now you'll know what to do with a vegetable you haven't cooked with before!


Need help identifying vegetables, figuring out storage options for meats and produce, and want some insider news on what's happening here at the homestead and Wild Farm? Sign up for our CSA Newsletter! Even if you don't participate in our program, you can still find some great information about what we offer here and even find some great seasonal recipe ideas. We hope that even if you are not able to be a part of our pick-up, you can still feel welcome into our program! Being a part of Community Sourced Agriculture is all about community, about learning which types of produce are in season, and how to cook better meals for your family. Get the kids involved, too! Click below to sign up for our newsletter.


Event Calendar

Every Friday is Pick-Up Day at the farm! We will be at the Under A Tin Roof Farm ready for you to come out and grab your weekly box filled with either a chicken or pork bundle and a bunch of garden fresh vegetables. We will provide a selection of vegetables for you served buffet style, and you may also come pick your own herbs so they are perfectly fresh before you take them home. Click here to get directions to our farm; we are located in Wellman, Iowa.

We will offer seasonal selections that can be added on per week like fresh free range eggs, aronia berries, honey, or even apples when in season! Please bring some extra cash along if you would like to grab a carton of eggs from our laying hens or honey from our bees.

We do not offer bags or boxes at this time. Please bring your own! If you'd like you can help support our handmade business by purchasing our reusable shopping totes, which you can order online HERE or grab in person. We accept cash, credit, or payment by check. 

We are hoping to schedule some fun events later in the year, like a Farm to Table style dinner for our CSA Family. Please join our newsletter and check back for updates!