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Let's REad Something Together!

Hey, there! A book club here on Under A Tin Roof is something that I tried in vain almost two years ago, when our readership was little, and I literally could hear crickets chirping from the depths of the internet. I naively gave up hope and continued on my merry way, hoping that I might acquire more readers in the future. That day has come! I am really excited to start this book club after getting a lot of positive reception on our social media channels. You all are just so amazing and make our days brighter with your positive energy, thoughtful comments, and shared stories. I hope that we can read these novels together and make connections not only to one another but to our own personal stories as well.

We will mostly be reading fiction novels though I have added a few nonfiction books into the mix. Personally I prefer reading fiction, and I know that I will have a lot more fun coming up with questions to discuss after each novel! Read below to see how the club works, our reading list, FAQ questions, and sign up for our newsletter. This will be the best way to be notified when we publish discussions, when a new book is beginning, and any other tidbits of important information!

How it Works

  • On the second Monday of every month, we will begin a new book. You can find the book list below for each month. 
  • At the end of the month, we will have a discussion hosted on the blog where I will prompt questions that you may answer in the comments section of the post! 
  • You may also prompt your own questions if you wish. Our comments section works like a thread where you can like/reply to others' comments, so discuss away!
  • Comments are on a monitored approval system, so please be kind and curtious to others.
  • Reminders about new books and discussions will be sent directly to you through the newsletter - if you would like to be reminded, please subscribe above!
  • To get the most out of this club, I suggest either highlighting, underlining, or scribbling in sections that strike you; keeping a notebook to write down ideas and thoughts; etc.
  • You don't have to join in on discussions! If you'd rather just read the selections and the discussions, we are happy you are here.
  • I have listed links below for places to purchase each of the books. Most of my picks are classics and come with many variations and editions; you can decide which version you'd like to buy. They all contain the same story inside!
  • Don't like an option we've picked? You can either skip a month or read it anyway - you might fall in love!
Book Club - Under A Tin Roof

2017-2018 Reading List