Our Favorite Zinnia Varieties

Our Favorite Zinnia Varieties

I planted our zinnias late this year, around early to mid June, and was so nervous that they would not do well enough to produce as well as they did last year. We have about 5x the amount of plants in the field that we did in 2018, and it definitely shows. There are so many flowers we can barely keep up with cutting them! Since we are turning our farming business to focus on flowers, I know that I will definitely have to hire some help harvesting blooms during the growing season.

The nice thing about planting our zinnias late this year is that I believe we will still have them for our wedding in early October. I was really counting on this to happen since a lot of our other flowers did not do well with the wet, late spring we had. Zinnias are a big staple for us on the farm and are one of my absolute favorite flowers.

To learn more about growing and harvesting zinnias click here!

benary’s giant series

I honestly love all of the colors from this series, as they grow some of the largest zinnias I have ever seen and are so rich and vibrant. These are a fail-safe series for sure!

Giant dahlia flowered series

The largest zinnias you can get that many people often mistake for dahlias due to their size!

funky favorites

These are not necessarily from plant series but are some of our favorites to plant that are funky, brightly colored, and beautiful!

  • Senora (bright salmony pink with cactus-type petals)

  • Uproar Rose (huge flower heads and a gorgeous deep color)

  • Cactus Flowered Mix (I do not love all of the colors in this mix as I have a hard time arranging with purple tones, but this mix does include a gorgeous soft blush pink flower that makes it all worth it!)

new varieties to try

I am so excited to dive into next year’s zinnias! I love watching other flower farms online creating their own series and selective seed lines. I would love to get there one day, but for now, I will be purchasing seeds for gorgeous varieties from my favorite seed suppliers. These are wonderful ideas to tuck away for spring 2020!

xoxo Kayla

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