Our Favorite Sunflower Varieties

Our Favorite Sunflower Varieties

It’s no lie that sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers we grow on the farm, by both our customers and ourselves. They are an extremely easy flower to grow in your own garden and make show-stopping stars in arrangements… if you can pick the right kind! One thing I have learned over the years growing sunflowers is that there are most definitely specific varieties you should be growing for cut flower production over others. If you have been trying your hand at getting perfectly sized sunnies for your centerpiece and are finding massive flowers the size of your head, I am here to help!

This is a question I have been receiving a lot this year, and while using specific growing techniques like tight spacing is absolutely necessary as well, picking the right variety of sunflower can be a major tool for success. Read on to see some of favorite sunflower varieties and the kinds that we grow here on the farm.

Procut Series

The ProCut series is an amazing collection of flowers with long and strong stems and consistently sized heads. This is our go-to sunflower for all occasions and uses including market bouquets and arrangements. Depending on how closely these are planted together, flower heads can range anywhere from 4-6”.

Sunrich Series

If you are looking for consistent flower size for arrangements and a more classic sunflower look, the Sunrich series is wonderful. This is Jill’s favorite series (she arranges the most out of the two of us) due to its tightly woven center.

  • Sunrich Orange Summer (classic look!)

  • Sunrich Gold (Jill’s absolute favorite!)

  • Sunrich Lime (this was a new one I tried this year - the photo does not do it justice. It does have a very neon-lime coloring to both the petals and center. It’s an amazing flower, but it does not necessarily arrange well with many other colors. Very interesting and bright!)

Dwarf & Double Blooms

Single stem sunflowers are often preferred for cut flower production as they produce longer, thicker stems that are necessary for bouquets. These flowers grow on the small side producing thinner, shorter stems which are perfect for table arrangements. Most double bloom varieties, however, are branching (meaning they produce more than one flower head).

  • Teddy Bear (fluffy and small; this variety of sunflower produces 14-24” stems and 3-5” heads.

  • Lemonade (tall, branching, and thick double bloom!)

  • Sun-Fill Purple & Green (an amazing filler! Produces green and purple sunflower heads without petals. Small and petite!)

Are there any sunflower varieties that you love growing best? I would love to hear of any more types that I should check out, as I am sure our other readers would as well!

xoxo Kayla

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