What Do I Need? Chick Checklist for the Feed Store

What Do I Need? Chick Checklist for the Feed Store

Happy Friday! Today’s post is the last one in a long line of chick-related blogs for the month of March. It has been really fun sharing all of my favorite chick keeping tips and tricks with you, and even these posts didn’t cover absolutely everything there is to know. I wanted to help those of you to make better decisions and gain some knowledge about what to expect when it comes to keeping backyard chickens. That’s why I created our online course Finding Your Flock that you can access and use at anytime for life. Pretty awesome! We’ve been offering a discount towards that course for 25% off all month long, as well. Just scroll to the end of this post to grab that code.

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to gathering chicken supplies? There are so many fun and unique products out there it can be difficult to know which ones are the best and what you actually need. The truth is you only need a few basic supplies to begin keeping chickens and to keep your chicks happy and healthy.

The Chick Checklist

  • Brooder. Some sort of box or bin to house the chicks until they are ready to move into their coop. Check out this post for brooder ideas!

  • Heat Lamp & Light Bulb. The chicks need to stay warm! A reliable heat lamp is one of if not the most important tool you need for raising chicks. If they become too chilled they can perish and it is one of the most common reasons that new chicken keepers lose their babies. Read this post for tips on what temperature chicks need to be from week to week.

  • Bedding. Chicks need bedding to live on to keep their brooder clean and to prevent them from slipping and injuring themselves. Use straw or wood chips (not cedar) as they are the safest. Newspaper is not recommended as it wets easily and becomes slippery.

  • Chick Feeder(s). You can find commercial chick feeders at most feed stores, or you can use a DIY version like a small bowl or cat dish. You will need 4 inches of feeder space per chick.

  • Chick Waterer(s). Like chick feeders, chick waterers are available at the feed store. I would highly recommend getting a specific chick waterer as they are designed to prevent chicks from drowning in the water and releasing just the right amount so it is not spilled and wasted.

  • Scoop or Hand Rake. This is simply a time saving tool but is not necessary. A tiny hand rake or scoop can help you clean out the poos in the brooder without dumping the entire thing!

  • Sav-A-Chick Vitamins and Electrolyes. When new chicks come home, they can be exhausted and stressed. Sav-A-Chick vitamins and electrolytes are easily mixed in their water and can help perk your babies right up after travel!

  • Chick Starter Feed. The only food your chicks need to get started is a healthy chick starter. You can learn more about the different feeds in this post.

  • Electric Thermometer. Not necessary but a helpful tool, an electric thermometer can be placed directly under the heat lamp to let you know how warm the brooder is!

  • Chick Grit. If you plan to give your chicks treats other than their starter feed, you will need to feed them grit of the appropriate size.

That’s it! It’s really not that much. There are other unique supplies that you can purchase like a heated perch or little toys for entertainment but just like shopping for a newborn baby, there’s the bare minimum and then there’s flourished products. We try to keep our chicks happy and healthy with the bare minimum and creative do-it-yourself solutions like using apple cider vinegar and herbs as preventative measures towards their health. I will take twigs to make perches in the brooder so the chicks can practice roosting and so on.

Feel free to use the printable above to bring along with you to the feed store! It is one of the many printable pages in our online course that you receive after purchasing. You will love Jill’s adorable illustrations on every page!

For the rest of the month of March I will be sharing all of my chick related tips and tricks with you here on the blog! It is going to be Chick Month here at Under A Tin Roof while I raise my newest babies and prepare them for life here on our farm. I am really excited to share all of the best chick information with you!!

My course Finding Your Flock is $25.00 - I am offering 25% off now through March 30th to all of our blog readers. Just use the code CHICKDAYS15 to receive your discount!

xoxo Kayla

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