Take A Workshop With Me!

Take A Workshop With Me!

Hi, friends! I feel like I’ve been stuck in this fog of winter and that I’ve just been constantly pushing the vibe of, “This is coming… but not yet.” And that really bums me out! Honestly, the least favorite part of my job is promoting products that aren’t here yet. I stink big time at launches! Ha! But here we are again; I have some exciting new to share with you.

2019 is turning into the year of workshops for me… This upcoming June I will be teaching at Kirkwood Community College in the Continuing Education Department. I know! I can hardly believe it. I am still in shock over the fact and still wondering how it’s even possible. Just this time last year I was hoping and wishing that I could have the chance to teach some workshops about homesteading to others, whether that was here at our farm or traveling in shows or elsewhere. Well, it happened! This year I will be teaching a lot of workshops to eager students who want to learn the basics of running their own homestead and/or small farm.

Even sooner than June, I will be teaching TWO amazing workshops at the Farmhouse Living Show in Grandview, IA. The show will take place in our friend Tenneil of R7 Reclaimed’s gorgeous barn. She has an amazing store on the first floor and up above she hosts a multitude of fun events. I went to one last winter that was geared towards women running their own small businesses. We met so many fun people there! You’ll find a wonderfully curated selection of vendors and other speakers/teachers at this show. It takes place on March 30th from 10AM to 4 PM. You can learn more about the event by click the button below.

If you are going to be in the Grandview, IA area on March 30th, come stop by the show! Here’s a little info about both of my workshops. We are asking that anyone wishing to attend fill out the forms below to register so that we may get an idea of how many attendees to expect!


From Garden to Plate: How to Grow and Cook Your Own Whole Foods
12pm Saturday March 30th, R7 Barn. 337 Cemetery Lane Grandview, IA.

Are you ready to change your lifestyle and introduce more whole foods to your family’s lives? It
was learning the value of whole, real foods that changed instructor Kayla Haupt’s life along with
her family’s to live more slowly and simply by the seasons. The best way to change up your
eating habits is to start growing food yourself! Learn how to start and plan your own small home
garden, get the most out of your harvest, and cook by the seasons. This workshop will cover how
to switch over your kitchen to incorporating more fresh and whole (unprocessed) foods, how to
plan a garden and start seeds, how many plants your family needs to be successful, companion
planting, keeping out pests and diseases naturally, and how to eat what you grow. Feel better
each and every day by feeding your body the best food possible: the kind you grow yourself!

Welcome to the Farm!

Welcome to the Farm: A Journey in Starting a Small Homestead
2pm Saturday March 30th, R7 Barn. 337 Cemetery Lane Grandview, IA.

If you love the sound of walking outside on a sunny morning and picking sun-ripened tomatoes
fresh off the vine, gathering eggs in a linen apron, baking your own bread from scratch, or
harvesting herbs and drying them then you’ll love learning about this former city girl’s journey
from the hectic suburbs to creating a small homestead in her backyard. Instructor Kayla Haupt of
Under A Tin Roof changed her life after moving from the busy suburbs of Houston, Texas to
small town Iowa where she converted her 1/4 acre backyard into a bustling homestead fixed with
a 1,300 square foot kitchen garden, six backyard laying hens, and a hive of honeybees. Now she
lives on a 3.5 acre farm and grows food for other people!

In this workshop, learn how to start your very own homestead whether you live in the city,
suburbs, or country. From keeping backyard chickens and ducks to growing your food to making
homemade herbal remedies you’ll be filled with inspiration in changing your lifestyle to live
more sustainably and by the seasons. Whether you want to homestead for your family or start a
small farm business of your own, you’ll find loads of amazing information in this class to help
get you started!

As for the Kirkwood schedule, I will be keeping you posted and let you know what the classes will be and when as soon as I know myself! It’s an exciting time. Unfortunately, that means that the workshops we originally had planned to host here on the farm will be canceled until I know what the new schedule will look like. This does not mean that we will never host more workshops here, but I am not sure if I could handle both at this point!

This opportunity came at the perfect time, and I honestly feel so lucky and thankful that it arrived. I was not sure how we could fit the amount of students we wanted in our store as well as have them all have seats, a bathroom, etc. I was getting a little stressed about it. Now our students will have a beautiful classroom to learn in. So thankful! Stay tuned for more information.

For now, go sign up for a workshop at the Farmhouse Living Show! It’s going to be a really fun day. Can’t wait!

xoxo Kayla

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