101 Chicken Keeping Hacks | A Humble Book Review

101 Chicken Keeping Hacks | A Humble Book Review

To say I was jumping through the roof when I saw an email from Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily pop up in my inbox is an understatement. A total understatement! I have been following along with Lisa’s blog for years now and have always considered her as not only someone to look up to in the chicken world but in the blogging world as well. If you don’t know about Lisa’s amazing blog and books, then you have to take a moment to check her out! She is one of the top chicken bloggers in the United States and shares her amazing Maine coop, flock, skills, ideas, and more on her website, television show, HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living Fair, and much more.

Of course when I saw the email pop into my inbox my immediate thought was: Oh my gosh! Wait… why is Lisa Steele emailing me?!

Well, I am happy to announce that I was given the opportunity to share and review her newest publication, 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks. This book is full of amazing ideas to improve the lives of your backyard chickens. Typically when I hear the words DIY or crafts followed by chickens, my mind immediately wanders down the path of “too cheesy for me.” I tend to not go for frivolous items when it comes to chickens like sweaters. Yes, I have seen those! I like traditional do-it-yourself projects, things that my family may have done in generations past that we’ve forgotten about today if there was no one to pass that information along to. Lisa’s book exceeded my expectations, and I’m not just saying that because she asked me to review her book! I honestly expected to be underwhelmed because what else can you possibly give a chicken besides feed and a dry place to sleep? Her ideas are really amazing. If you are looking to become even more sustainable in what you provide for your flock then you will love this book.

Upon opening the book, which is beautifully constructed, I was extremely happy to find several different recipes for making your own chicken feed, scratch mixes, sprouted grains, fermented feed, and more. These are recipes that are right up my alley! I have come across a lot of different homemade layer feeds on the internet, most of which are not proven to work nor do they have any information to back them up and prove they are actually what your chickens need to be healthy. The homemade layer feed in this book was created by Diana Ambauen-Meade, founder and CEO of Scratch and Peck Feeds. It’s nice to see a recipe that has some proof behind it to actually work well! I am excited to put it together myself and possibly look into if it would lower our costs here on the farm.

Inside the pages you can also find DIY remedies for ill or injured chickens. I did not think to make healing salves for the hens! Now I am beginning to think that I was silly not to consider that option over purchasing something online. You can find herbal salves, sprays, and more in Lisa’s new book.

Looking for more decor options and coop hacks? You can find those inside as well! I love the project where Lisa converts a chair into a nesting area with an enamel bowl as well as her DIY wooden egg holder!

This book came at the perfect time for me. I am about to enter my third year of chicken keeping (something I cannot believe!) and was beginning to wonder what else was out there for me in the world of chickens. After flipping through the pages and many ideas of 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks, I know that I am still just on the cusp of learning all that chickens have to offer and what I have to offer them.

For me, my favorite part of Lisa’s book was the ideas on feeding the hens with whole grains and making a majority of their feed myself. I also really liked looking more into making DIY remedies for hens who are ill or injured. I am excited to try a recipe for myself!

You will be excited to learn that I am giving away TWO copies of 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks by Lisa Steele to two lucky winners. You will receive a copy of this amazing book as well as lifetime access to my online course Finding Your Flock, in which you can learn the basics of keeping chickens from hatch and beyond. I am really excited for this giveaway!

If you would like to enter, please go visit our Instagram account (@underatinroof). The contest is open to US and Canada residents only. More of the terms are available right now on my Instagram account along with details on how to enter.

Be sure to check out Lisa Steele’s new book, her other publications on Amazon, and stop by her awesome website Fresh Eggs Daily!

xoxo Kayla

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