DIY Late Spring Flower Crown

DIY Late Spring Flower Crown

One thing that Jill and I have been craving since becoming farmers has been the downtime that we used to have to create things by hand. While we still make all of our products, there hasn't been a whole lot of room for something new if that makes sense. Recently we released some new products: reusable bulk bin shopping bags and a few new beeswax items. Part of me misses embroidery, but then there's a larger part that knows that the ship has sailed. I don't think I'll be making any new embroidery designs; my brain feels like mush by the time I get around to thinking about it, and honestly, I just don't love it anymore. But I still like to make things! Mainly my love language is food in that department. Jill came up to me the other day and asked if I wanted to make flower crowns with our leftover blooms from market, and I was smitten! That sounded like fun! But only if she did most of the making - she's much better at that than I am! (;

We decided to make "late spring" flower crowns as that's the season we are currently living. We're somewhere in between peonies and zinnias. The cosmos and sunflowers have begun to open, the first zinnias showing their colors. It's average flower growing practice to snip the first zinnia heads off when plants are at least 18 inches tall to encourage growth and bushiness. That seemed like a good enough excuse to me to use the flowers!

Making flower crowns is much simpler than I imagined. Of course, I tend to over complicate things that are really simple. That's where my mom becomes helpful, and we balance each other out! All you need are a few different supplies:

  • Seasonal flowers! Choose some big blooms as well as fillers (usually found in the ditch).
  • Scissors
  • Burlap Twine
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape

STEP ONE | Create a band for your head. Use the burlap covered wire, which I like much better than trying to tie the flowers together. You will get a much sturdier, fuller crown this way. It's bendable and adjustable, making it the perfect material! Plus the rope blends everything nicely. Wrap some around your head and then double the length. 

Close off the circle by wrapping the second half of the doubled length around the loop, over and under, like a spiral. This simply thickens the band! Curl the end under and be done with it.

STEP TWO | Bunch your flowers. This is really easy! You are basically making boutonnieres. Use different combinations. Many of ours were one "big bloom" (peony, zinnia, cosmo, sunflower, etc) and two to three "little blooms" (fillers). Tie them together with floral tape and clip the stems short. 

STEP THREE | Attach the boutonnieres to the head band. Use the floral wire to wrap it snuggly to the frame. Once attached, cover with floral tape to hide the wire. Continue to attach these as far along the crown as you like and to the pattern of your taste.

STEP FOUR | Adjust! Play around with it. Try different combinations, make sure everything is covered and situated. Don't think about it too much. Once all of your tiny clusters are attached, simply put it on your head and enjoy! We kept ours in the fridge for a few days before taking the photos of me in it, so they can last a bit.

Super easy, super fun. We hope to share a tutorial for flower crowns every season. Of course we missed early spring! But I think a late summer crown is definitely in order! What are your favorite summer blooms? Mine are zinnias, of course, but sunflowers come in at a close second! 

My dress is from Linen Fox.

xoxo Kayla

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