DIY Felt Chicken Ornament

DIY Felt Chicken Ornament

It’s been a tradition for us for the last five years to make little felt ornaments. When we moved from Illinois to Texas my senior year of high school, my family made our first step towards a minimized lifestyle. We downsized our home and sold almost all of our belongings. This included our holiday decorations that were meaningless (most of them!!!) and we kept a few ornaments that held significance to us. We even left our fake Christmas tree under the porch of our old home, not realizing we had forgotten it was under there until the holidays rolled around for us down south. So if you live in our old house in Illinois, check under the porch!! Ha!

We started out by making little felt gnomes and trees. This year I decided our ornament should be chickens! Our tree has a lot of animals collected on it for whatever reason, but was missing some feathered friends. This ornament is incredibly easy to make! We’ll probably spend the next few evenings sewing up a handful of them to keep for years to come. You can do this in a couple of hours and while watching your favorite Christmas movie! Read on to get the step-by-step instructions.

Supplies |

  • Wool Felt in various colors, at least 4!

  • Embroidery Thread in accompanying colors

  • Embroidery Needle

  • Stuffing or Polyfill

  • Pins

  • Paper (to trace/print pattern)

  • Scissors


The first step in creating your adorable felt chicken is to familiarize yourself with the pattern pieces. You can download the pattern here or by click the large button below!

You will need to cut out the following felt pieces: two body pieces, one head piece, two beak/eye pieces, one wing piece, one foot piece, and one comb piece.

Most of the pieces will be stitched to the front body piece, but you definitely need two to cover up your stitch work on the back! You can see above how they will be layered. I also want to note that when it comes to the beak/eye piece, it’s easier to just cut two whole pieces rather than one eye and the small beak. Simply cut two in different colors, line them up, and snip the piece in half to create the beak.


You will want to stitch the head, wing, and eye pieces onto the top layer on the body. Stitch the wing all the way around. You only need to stitch the bottom half of the head, where the little collar is. The back of these stitches will be hidden inside of the ornament.

Stitch the eye piece on top of the head piece, making sure to line it up with the beak from the body piece behind it.


Next, you will want to stitch on the beak and the comb. You only need to stitch the inner edges that attach to the head of the chicken. Leave the outer edges unstitched so you can stitch them while closing up the back of the chicken. Use corresponding colored thread to the felt.

Don’t forget to make an eye! You can do this by using a colonial or French knot embroidery stitch in black or dark brown thread.


Once the beak, comb, and eye are intact it’s time to attach the back body piece. Line it up with the finished front.

Stitch all the way around the chicken, starting near the right side of the gut. Use a simple closing stitch, or you can use a blanket stitch. I never do anything too fancy with these ornaments because they’re not really being played with!

As you approach your opening stitch on the belly, leave a space about 1-2 inches wide for the legs to go and to put your stuffing in. You don’t not need a lot of stuffing, just enough to give the ornament some “puff.” Fill gently. Place the feet in the opening and stitch into the closing spot of your ornament.

You can stitch around the feet in yellow thread if you wish; I chose to leave mine plain.

As you can see, this is an incredibly easy and simple craft to make! If you are a chicken owner and/or lover, it will make a perfect addition to your handmade tree. We love making these ornaments every single year. It’s become a bit of a tradition for us. Now… to make 33 more little hens for each one of our girls. Just kidding! (;

xoxo Kayla

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