Take A Workshop With Us!

Take A Workshop With Us!

GUESS WHAT! We are so unbelievably excited to share that we will soon be offering workshops here on the farm. You’re probably thinking, whaaaaaat?! I know! Our Country Store opens in four days! We will be offering an opportunity to sign up for classes at the Grand Opening event, though you can get a head start now online if you feel up for it! Read on to learn more about which types of workshops we will be offering and take a peak at our schedule for 2019.

A huge shoutout to my friend DJ of Frees Frame Photography who shot these photos at our farm a few weeks ago. He did such a great job and made me look way cooler than I actually am!

What are workshops exactly?

We will soon be offering seasonal workshops in our Country Store! What does that mean exactly? A few weekends of each month, depending, we will host small groups of eager learners to dig into specific topics surrounding the art of homesteading. A few classes that we plan to share are how to keep backyard chickens, seed starting and garden planning, kombucha making, flower arranging, wreath making, and a larger workshop in summer on how to operate a small, sustainable farm on less than 2 acres! Classes are open to all who are interested and will always offer refreshments and treats from our farm. We’ll jazz up the store and make sure everyone is comfy and ready to take in some amazing information about homesteading!

When will they be?

We’ll offer workshops throughout the year, usually once or twice a month on Friday and Saturday evenings. We know that this may not work with everyone’s schedule, and we apologize if you were hoping there might be a class during the week or day time. At this time, evenings are the only available option for us to be able to teach! Classes for the 2019 season will begin in late February. You can see the first set of classes currently available by viewing our schedule HERE.

What should I expect when attending?

For every workshop the price of materials is included and you will receive everything you need to create whatever project we are working on. For farm-related workshops, we will provide resource materials for you to use when you get home. In our Finding Your Flock class, you will be sent home with chicken keeping resources as well as lifetime access to our online course of the same name. How fun is that?!

Ready to sign up?

So far we have our schedule set up until early June, but we will be continually adding classes into the mix as the months move ahead. If you’d like to get a head start and sign up for a class or two, we would be happy to see your eagerness! Be sure to check out each of our workshop descriptions in our online shop to get even more information about what each one will include.

There are so many exciting things happening here on the farm, I am about to burst! We can’t wait to see you here and teach you more about the lifestyle that we lead. Thanks for being here! If you’d like more information about our Grand Opening, click here.

xoxo Kayla

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