Homemade Suet Cakes for Chickens

Homemade Suet Cakes for Chickens

There’s something about the natural, homemade cycle of chicken keeping that makes my heart sing. We can use and recycle just about everything that we use for chickens. From kitchen scraps and shells from their eggs to the eventual end of all life made into soup stock for our bellies. A chicken is an excellent animal to own on a farm, I must say.

Suet is the perfect easy go-to treat to make for chickens in the winter. It’s necessary fat for the flock to retain protein and other nutrients over the cold winter months. You can easily make suet for your own flock with a handful of simple ingredients stocked in your kitchen.

Ingredients + Recipe |

  • Grease/Fat/Lard from your own cooking (we save fat from our friends’ pastured meats so this is perfect!)

  • Unsalted Nuts

  • Raisins

  • Cracked Corn

  • Sunflower Seeds (shells on)

  • Barley

  • Rolled Oats

  • Millet

  • Cayenne Pepper

  1. Chop all nuts and dried fruits into chicken-bite-size pieces. Your choice of fruit and nuts is completely up to you. Make sure that it is safe for your chickens to eat them first and that they are unsalted and not coated in sugar!

  2. Arrange nuts, fruits, seeds, and grains in the bottom of a heat safe dish. You can use any container you wish. I usually use a small casserole dish for mine! The list above is simply a suggested guide of what to put in your suet cake, but you can change it up however you want. Equal parts of all ingredients is a good amount, so not much! As for the cayenne pepper, just a light sprinkling over the top of everything is perfect. This helps heat their bodies in the colder months.

  3. If you have grease saved from previous cooking, melt it and let cool. Don’t let it solidify. Pour carefully over your mixture of nuts and seeds, enough to just cover them. Stir to blend and put the dish into the freezer.

  4. Repeat this process after each layer freezes to thicken your suet block, if you wish.

  5. Once it has reached a thickness to your liking, remove it from the freezer and run a knife along the edge of the block. Turn out the suet cake.

  6. Put the cake into a suet cage or dish for your girls! If it is below freezing outside, you can leave the suet cake alone. If the weather is warmer, you may have to bring the suet cake back into the freezer if it was not eaten so that the fat does not go rancid.

  7. Not a fan of animal fat/grease? You can use coconut oil instead! (:

Why feed your chickens suet? It’s a great way to use up any grease that you might otherwise throw away. It’s also easy and inexpensive to produce. You can save your grease like this all throughout the year, place it in the freezer, and have it ready to make suet cakes for winter. The fat keeps their bodies warm in the colder months. This is a simple treat that you can make at any time.

Have you made suet for your chickens before? What do you like to put in it for health benefits?

xoxo Kayla

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