Autumn Kombucha Flavors

Autumn Kombucha Flavors

Kombucha making is going splendidly, in case you were wondering! I have been having such a fun time figuring out how to flavor our batches every two weeks. My favorite way, of course, is to take what I have on hand seasonally and incorporate it into a new flavor for us to try. The kombucha is honestly adding up more quickly than I imagined. I am going to have to start making myself drink it daily, maybe even twice daily, to get through it all! Have you ever made kombucha before? I have an entire post dedicated to teaching you how to get started. I am still new to the process myself, but so far we are hanging in tight and I am learning that making the booch is much easier than I originally thought.

If you already make kombucha then I hope that you enjoy these new flavor ideas! There comes a point where creativity wains and you are tired of the same strawberry and ginger mix. Am I right? Read below to find some autumn inspired flavors to add to your bottles!

Autumn Kombucha Flavors - Under A Tin Roof Blog
  • Apple Cinnamon Kombucha. Use a few pieces of chopped apple plus a heavy pinch of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. This tastes like fall in a cup!

  • Orange Ginger Clove Kombucha. More of a citrus and ginger fan? Try combining raw ginger with orange wedges and a pinch of ground cloves - not too much! If you love an orange holiday simmer pot you’ll love this booch.

  • Apple Cider Kombucha. I love homemade apple cider! Did you know that they both require fermentation? Try adding a few tablespoons of locally made or homemade apple cider into your bottles of kombucha.

  • Pumpkin Kombucha. Use 1 large chunk of cooked pumpkin, 2 whole cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 piece of fresh ginger, 2 whole allspice berries, and a pinch of nutmeg to create a delicious pumpkin pie flavored booch.

For each flavor listed above, it’s difficult to say what exactly the correct measurement or ratio is for your individual brew. I usually go with the 5:1 ratio, or 5 parts tea to 1 part flavor. Some people do a much larger fraction of tea. It is always best to use natural and fresh ingredients when flavoring your kombucha. For instance, if you decide to try the apple cider recipe make sure that you use fresh made cider! I put my second fermentation in a 32 oz ball jar and add a few teaspoons of flavoring ingredients if that helps you!

I hope that you enjoy these autumn inspired flavors. I love this time of year and getting to indulge in everything apple and pumpkin! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Typically if you are using small measurements then the impact of the fruit will not be as strong. In my opinion, less ginger than what you think you need is always good!

xoxo Kayla

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