Reader Survey Results 2017

Reader Survey Results 2017

Happy Friday, friends! About two weeks ago I sent out a Reader Survey for you to fill out here on the blog so that we could gain a little insight into how many people were actively reading (it was a lot of you, by the way!), what you were loving here on the blog, and a little bit more about who YOU are. I really love asking get-to-know-you questions now on these things. I learn some pretty invaluable information that helps me put out content that you might enjoy. I also told you that I would be picking four winners to receive products from our shop for filling out the survey! You can see who they are below - I have contacted all of the winners by email, so please go check your inbox if you are on the list below. If you did not receive an email from me, please contact us and let us know.

Below I am also sharing some of the results from this survey, at least, the fun stuff! From what I gathered, at least over 60% of you are visiting us from Instagram and first discovered us there. As much as I sometimes despise posting to Instagram, it is a major tool for the success of our blog. Thank you for those of you that travel from there to here - it means a lot to me! 


  • The winner of our Herbal Dream Pillow of choice is Ashlyne Gilbert!
  • The winner of our Beginner's Botanical Embroidery Course and supply kit is Kayla Gregorio!
  • The winner of our Set of Three Flour Sack Towels of choice is Nina Persi!
  • The winner of our January Embroidery Club Kit is Ashlee Vindhurst!


How Old Are You?

This has not really changed too much in the past two years! We have a majority of readers that are somewhere between the ages of 25-34. I did notice a bit of a spike in readers that are between the ages of 18-24 and a decline in readers that are in their mid-30s and 40s. That makes me curious as to what kind of content we are sharing that is interesting some younger people... 

Which of the Following Best Describes You?

A whopping 70% of you consider yourselves Home Cooks! How fun is that? When I wrote this part of the survey, I was honing in on which categories of our blog were most beloved and related best to you. If you are a Home Cook, then you'll probably love reading our whole food recipes and our discoveries on eating real food. Hello, fellow Home Cooks! The next highest percentage of you were Mothers, which makes sense, as a majority of you said that your biggest struggle with homesteading was "finding the time to do it all." I feel you on that! I was surprised to find that the next highest percentage of you considered yourselves to be Aspiring Homesteaders (61%) and Gardeners (60%). Wow! That makes me happy. When I asked this question in our last survey, the highest percentages of you considered yourselves as Craft Queens. That went down a bit to only 53%... Less than half! Am I upset about this? Not really. Crafting is not my strong suit... and I keep trying to force it to be! I love sharing knitting patterns, but I am finding that other areas of my life are starting to evolve and become more time consuming like homesteading. I am glad you all are growing with me on that.

Which Type(s) of Posts Are Your Favorite?

Which leads us to... Favorite Posts! Survey says that the majority of you enjoy Homesteading In General posts, 85%! That's quite a lot. After that comes Gardening at 84%, Crafting and DIYs at 79%, and then Simplifying Your Life and Home at 77%. Well, hey there! That is awesome because I have a lot of content planned around those topics. I did see as well that there were quite a few of you that come for the recipes and real food diaries. I am glad! Those posts tend to get a lot of hits, I am assuming out of curiousity, which is totally cool. I will continue writing about that because it sparks a lot of passion in me!

What Would You Like To See More Of?

More minimalism! Okay, this one was an assumption on my part, and my intuitive nature was correct. You all want to know more about getting rid of your things and creating a more simplified home and lifestyle. You know, when I started this blog, I was nervous to give out too many tips. Does that make sense? I don't feel like an expert in anything, and when I try to write a post about giving advice, I feel like a fraud. I think this is something that most bloggers and entrepreneurs come to feel at some point. But, I was curious, how many of you want more tip-like posts? Apparently most of you! My hunch, though, was that more of you are in the phase of life where you are starting to minimize and then get to becoming waste free. I mean, that's what we did! We got rid of a majority of our things and followed that up by trying to create less waste. It makes sense! I am going to start planning out more posts centered around minimizing and some organization tips as well. As for homesteading? Less personal essays and more gardening advice, chicken advice, and tips on how to run a homestead (56%). Okay! I am excited. This year will be so fun!

  • Occasional Free Guides: This is something that I hope to make happen with our main Newsletter! If you are on our email list, I have found that letting you know about regular blog posts just does not work well. We lose a lot of subscribers, and I don't have time to write out an email every time I share a new post. BUT! I do love being able to send out reminders when products are released or events come up, and I want to give back to you there as well. I am going to start working on free monthly guides that you can download and use to help simplify your lifestyle!
  • Goals + Struggles: Most of you said that your goal for this month was to clean, simplify, minimize, and organize. Sweet! We love that. My goal is to help you do that! As for homesteading struggles, it appears that a lot of you are held back by budget and space. 
  • Colonial Kitchen, From the Garden: Okay! So this was kind of a test of my own confusions. I started Colonial Kitchen last year, and looking back, I can't even remember why! It really has just been feeling out of place here and the inspiration behind it has died for me. I believe I am just going to cut themed recipe posts and continue in my pursuit to share recipes with whole food ingredients and plant based origins. It appeared that more of you were into From The Garden, which is good because in May I will be starting our CSA Recipe Blog, which is public and will be filled with seasonal garden recipes. Yay! 
  • Pioneer Homesteading: I also asked if you were interested in Pioneer Themed Homesteading Ideas. Right now, I am really inspired by the mid to late 1800s. I have been watching a lot of Little Women. We are also hoping to make our general store look like an old fashioned 1880s general store with a modern farmhouse twist. I think I will be adding some traditional frontier food recipes and natural homesteading ideas onto the blog after seeing your positive reaction to it (74% said HECK YES!). That was the time right before conventional agriculture began. Let's get back to that!

I think that is all! My favorite part of the survey was the last question, Why do you like reading UATR? You all had the sweetest answers... I was crying the entire time! I have messaged some of you asking if I could share your answers on a testimonial page of our site. So please check your inbox! (: What are you looking forward to most on our blog if you missed the survey? I would love to hear your ideas!

xoxo Kayla

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