Country Living Fair! How to Get the Most Out of Your Weekend...

Country Living Fair! How to Get the Most Out of Your Weekend...

Hello! I hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are! In just one week we will be packing up our little trailer, suitcases, and bags and heading off to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Can you believe it?! We are lucky enough to be going as vendors to sell our goods at the fair, and this will be our third fair while working with the amazing staff at Stella Shows. We just love them and being able to be a part of their beautiful shows. If you have never heard of Country Living Fair, then you might recognize the name Country Living Magazine, which is what the fair is inspired after. In the words of so many others, "The pages of the magazine come to life!" and we have to agree. Each fair we have been to so far has completely blown our minds at the incredible attention to detail, activities and workshops, and of course the many celebrity guests that you are able to meet. Like really meet them! 

Today, I wanted to share our favorite must-sees at the fair! Being first-timers at Ohio, we will also be experiencing the many sites, vendors, and food for the first time as well. The nice thing, though, about each fair is that you still get a great taste of similarity between them all. We love that! It feels like you are returning home to your family, and you can't miss out no matter how far away you live. Whether you are closer to the Georgia fair or the one in New York, you will experience a similar vibe, which Jill and I think is such a great representation of the Country Living brand. 

We are also giving away TWO tickets to the fair in Columbus, Ohio! Eek! We are so grateful that we are able to do this. So whether you are an Ohio native or maybe you are looking to take a road trip, be sure to head over to our Instagram account and enter that giveaway. We're including an entire bundle of goodies from our shop!


Visit Your Favorite Vendors

Of course, the first activity on our list is to come visit us! We love meeting our readers and followers. In fact, it's a pretty surreal feeling having people come up to us at the fair and tell us that they follow our blog. WHAT?! You automatically get a big hug because that's just amazing. We would love to meet you so come stop by our booth. There are also so many other amazing vendors out there that you definitely have to see. Over 20,000 people attend each fair, so you know there has to be some pretty awesome merchandise out there for you to grab. Here are a few of our favorite vendors:

Sign Up for a Workshop

This year the Country Living Fair teamed up with Jo-ann Fabrics and Crafts to host creative workshops over the entire weekend. I was able to attend and help out at an arm knitting workshop at the last fair, and it was such a blast. Each class is about an hour and you can learn from a variety of different crafts like knitting, home decor, and more. If you are a fan of any of the crafts and DIYs happening within the pages of Country Living Magazine, then you can find something really awesome here. It's a great way to spend a tiny fraction of your time during the weekend, and you'll be able to walk away with a beautiful handmade project. You can access tickets to the workshops HERE. In my opinion, the best time to sign up for a workshop is based around any specific celebrity guests you want to meet and their schedule. These happen all throughout the weekend, so there will definitely be something on at least one day that you are interested in.

Meet Your Favorite Celebs!

Did we mention that the Beekman Boys will be at the fair in Ohio?! Yes! Josh and Brent will be there promoting their new cookbook A Seat at the Table and hopefully having some awesome discussions with the attendees. I haven't received the schedule yet, but I am definitely going to be at one of their talks! At each fair, there are usually some awesome celebrity meet and greets, discussions, mini classes, and book signings. That's where we met our dear friend, Melissa Caughey of Tilly's Nest! She has a super helpful book on raising backyard chickens that you should definitely check out. The meet and greets are super laid back and always fun; we love being able to get books signed, snap a photo, and make a new friend. My advice? Buy any books you want signed early in the day before anyone gets there! That way you'll have it on hand before the meet and greet happens. And if you want to avoid the lines for book signings, which totally happened last year to meet the Junk Gypsies, it might be smart to leave the meet and greet a few minutes before it finishes so you can secure a place in line!

Eat Some Good Food!

Oh, the food! You can never go wrong with food, and every time we are vendors at an art fair, Jill and I always face palm and wonder why we aren't selling food. Hello! Everyone comes for the food, and it's not really a surprise. There's some pretty amazing food happening at these shows. In Atlanta, I experience some of the best barbecue I've ever had, which was surprising to me since everyone automatically assumes Texas has the best! But no, I've lived in Texas, and this barbecue was better. One of my favorite food vendors, 100% Grassfed, will be there which serves grassfed burgers. If I was still eating meat, I would be eating there! It was really good last time. I also am a huge fan of Piper & Leaf Tea Coespecially since you get a fun refillable glass to use - sustainable! There's a new-to-me vendor, The Little Kitchen, that looks interesting - they serve all plant based meals. Yum!

Get Technical

At the last fair we attended in Nashville, there was a really awesome giveaway happening! If you downloaded the Country Living Fair App and signed up, you could be entered to win some CLF bucks! These act as real dollars you can use to shop at the fair. How awesome is that? And it's really easy too! I also always make sure to have my phone and my DSLR camera on hand to document the experience. Each fair has their own photo opt in, like the pumpkin pile or the vintage truck. You don't want to miss out! So charge up your phone and pack your camera. You never know when inspiration may strike! When it comes to photographing vendors, I am probably on the lower end of the spectrum, but I say snap away. We love when people take photos of our products because that means they'll be more likely to share them online! In fact, we sometimes have photo challenges where you can tag our booth on Instagram and win shop credit. Pretty fun! 

Will we see you in Ohio? We sure hope so! We are really excited for this fair and cannot wait to reconnect with our friends we've made along the way and make new ones as well. For this fair we will be bringing along our embroidery kits, which is a new adventure for us, and we're excited to see what their reception is. Don't forget to stop by our Instagram @underatinroof and enter the giveaway to win a goodie bundle from our shop and two Early Bird Weekend Passes to the fair in Columbus! That's something you do not want to pass up - tickets are $40 each!

See you there!

xoxo Kayla

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