A Trip to the Farmer's Market with Greentom

A Trip to the Farmer's Market with Greentom

Hello! Happy Friday!

I am so excited to share to a recent trip to the Iowa City Farmer's Market with you today, especially since we were able to take our new Greentom Classic Stroller with us! I don't think I've ever had some many questions online about a single product since sharing this amazing stroller on Instagram over the past couple of weeks, and I have to say, I absolutely adore this product and so proud to be able to not only share it with you, but help represent this company! We decided to take a trip to the farmer's market to share how we like to use our stroller best, and it of course accompanies us on our many trips to the local park and to grab some ice cream. Yum!

While we do grow a majority of our own vegetables, we enjoy making trips our local farmer's market to grab some ingredients that we aren't growing or simply cannot attain on our tiny homestead. We usually grab a bottle of local honey and maple syrup (we won't have to get honey next year!!!), and this time I needed some carrots, onions, and cherry tomatoes. I can't believe we went through all of our onions already! In truth, the onions I grew this year only made it to be about the size of a large garlic clove. I am not sure what I did wrong, or how that could be improved... perhaps it was just the variety I purchased! Any onion growers out there with some tips?

If you follow me at all on Instagram (@kayhaupt) then you know that I love visiting the "Flower Man's" booth whenever I go! Now that I've been to their booth a few times this year, I am pretty sure it's a Flower Woman operating the entire farm, but her husband is always the one manning the booth whenever I happen to be purchasing. I wish they had a sign so I knew where to tag their farm! Either way, we were a bit late this time around, and I missed most of the sunflowers. Darn! They did have some gorgeous buckets absolutely filled with dahlias. So gorgeous! I cannot wait to grow more flowers next year. I really kind of failed at that this year, but it was only our first time figuring out what to grow. Now we know a bit more! I get that question a lot: "How much should I grow for my family?" I am working on making that list, friend!

One thing I have to say about taking our Greentom out to the market was that is maneuvered fantastically. Nothing is worse than taking a bulky stroller somewhere compacted with people, only to bump into them or take up a bunch of room. Even in the most crowded of places, we were able to quickly navigate into a new path without too much discomfort. I really appreciate that! What exactly is Greentom, you may be wondering? It's a stroller made out of completely recycled materials! Yeah!! How amazing is that? I knew this company was a great match for us just for that reason, and hello, the Dutch design behind this piece is absolutely gorgeous. 

I actually loved putting it together when it arrived because there were no metal pieces, screws, or anything really to "build." The entire stroller is made of recycled plastic, and all of the pieces snap and fit together. The seat is comfy; Tad love riding in it. We actually haven't had a stroller or carrier of any kind since he was about 9-months-old, when he started walking, so now that he does have one, he loves being able to relax. I guess I've been making him walk everywhere with me without really realizing it!! 

I wanted to clear up some air and answer a few of the questions I have been getting about our Greentom here, since so many of you have stated your interest! I think that is so awesome. Any product that is making the earth a better and waste-free place is a good product to me. And speaking of products... I can sometimes find being a blogger, an influencer, and a minimalist confusing to readers and consumers. I guess I just wanted to clear the air there, too: the products that I use here, I hope are things that you see frequently being used throughout all of our platforms. I try really hard to not work with a ton of brands and products because I only like to share things with you that I actually love and use. We don't really believe in consumerism, which is hard to state when you are trying to tell products, right?! We just hope that we can use items and sell items that are singular products that you use for the rest of your days. Rant over! Here's what you guys want to know about Greentom:

Is it comfortable? Does Tad enjoy riding in it? Yes! He loves riding in. Like I said before, he's not used to having a stroller, so he is always excited to take a ride in it. Whenever we go for walks now, I ask if he wants to be in the stroller, and he says, "Yes!!!" That's so fun! And I haven't noticed any complaints about comfort or being tired of sitting in it. This version, The Classic, has a feature that allows the stroller to recline back if he falls asleep as well. That hasn't happened yet, but I'm excited for when it does!

Was it easy to assemble, and does it break down easy?  It was super easy to assemble! The instruction manual is a little odd to understand at first, there aren't a lot of written instructions, just illustrations. But I was able to figure it out and realized that it's pretty self explanatory to put together. I assembled it within 20 minutes; that works for me! There aren't any metal pieces or bolts, just snapping plastic pieces into place. And it's really sturdy, too! To break it down, you just push a button on the side, fold it back, and carry it from the safety bar on the front! It's pretty lightweight for being a larger stroller, which is nice if you live somewhere more urban. 

Are the wheels rubber or plastic? They are rubber! They work the terrain really well. We've taken it on dirt, gravel, rocks, and grass. I haven't noticed any damage! The other nice part about them being rubber, rather than plastic, is that this stroller is pretty much 100% silent! I don't hear anything squeaking, rattling, or scratching. Tad used to have a little plastic car that could be pushed with plastic wheels, and it was terrible!!

Is there an option for a newborn baby? Yep! Greentom has three different types of strollers; we have The Classic. You can actually purchase a version of all three strollers in one, which is nice. They have a Carrycot, a Reversible, and the Classic which is designed for children aged 6 months to 6 years. The harness is super secure and safe! I enjoy that we can possibly hit a nasty bump, and Tad's locked in securely. Plus the harness is really easy to take apart as well! Everything on this baby is just super streamlined. 

This is something that I know we will be using quite a bit for the next few years, and something that I hope I can use in case I have any other kiddos along the way. Nothing like that happening as of now! Ha! The only thing that I would change is that there isn't a lot of storage options. There is a basket at the bottom, which is pretty compact, and no holders for drinks. Not that I necessarily think this is a big deal, we usually have a water bottle on us anyway, which can be stored lying down. Greentom does sell an attachable shopping bag or diaper bag! So that is actually covered, it's just an additional cost. Other than that, I absolutely love it. Never going back! And saving the planet! What more could you ask for?

Definitely check out the Greentom website and give them a follow on Instagram! You never know when they might have a fun deal happening. We sure do appreciate being able to share their amazing products with you. 

xoxo Kayla

Love my mesh shopping bag?! It's just like the ones they use on Handmaiden's Tale! And it actually works really well. I got mine HERE
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