UATR Embroidery Club | August Introduction

Hello, my happy stitchers! It's time to start the August Embroidery Club Pattern! Hooray, hooray, and all that yada. This month we have a simplistic and tiny inspired pattern called, "Summer Harvest" with summer root vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Jill put together the cutest floral flour sack towel for the fun gift inside the kit package as well as strawberry cream tea. Yum! I love this pattern because it's a great one to transfer and can be finished in only a few hours. I love that if you do choose to transfer it, you can pick only certain pieces and parts, which could be put on a towel or a shirt or something else other than a hoop! I love cute tiny patterns.

One thing we have decided to change when it comes to our embroidery patterns this month is how the patterns are presented. We now are providing full color illustrated patterns instead of line drawings! When you purchase the pattern and receive your PDF, you will still have the line drawing for tracing, but the color pattern will also be available to use as a guide. I have found this so much more helpful as well as faster and more entertaining while getting through the pattern. I absolutely love having the color guide there! We hope that you enjoy this as well; let us know how it goes for you!! This is also a great way to leave parts of the pattern blank if you would like, or you could even just frame the artwork if you don't happen to get to the pattern right away. We've so been there!

You can now purchase the digital download for this pattern in our shop! They are $10 and arrive straight to your inbox as a PDF file. Click HERE to grab your digital download. If you purchased a kit and are wondering where your instructions are, we have changed the game and provided a printed card in your package that has a coupon code written on it. You'll have to put the digital download of the pattern in your cart, apply the code, and you'll receive it for free! This will hopefully be a lot easier and more efficient for everyone. Let me know if you're having trouble understanding this or cannot find the code. I can definitely help you out!

Here's your challenge this week: Send us a photo of your hoop in progress sometime this month (before September 1st) and we'll pick 3 people to get 10% off September's kit! We want to see where you are working, what drink you're sipping on, what music you have playing in the background. Let us see those cute hoops and threads! (: You can send your photos to use via message or tag us on Instagram using #UATRembroider

If you want to leave a comment and say hello, please do! We'd love to hear from you. Don't forget to leave a comment on last week's post for a chance to win September's kit for free! What are you loving about this month's hoop? Have any opinions on what you'd like see in coming months? We love hearing your ideas! 

xoxo Kayla