Our First Online Course is Here!

Part of me cannot believe that this day has finally arrived. What started in April as a tiny dream, something I had been wanting to try for several months, has become a reality dressed in gorgeously muted threads and linen. Could you really ask for anything better? Two years ago I started my journey into embroidery, which I am not sure qualifies me as an expert or the perfect teacher, but I still somehow always manage to get the question, "How do I learn how to do this?!" 

Well, I heard the cries, and I started thinking about how this art form that I loved so much was really lacking some modernized resources for learning. Right?! There are many books that you can pick up at the craft store, but they're missing a certain type of connection and also cute patterns. How many of you have wanted to dive into embroidery art only to make your way to the craft store and find a lack of patterns that mimic the things you love seeing on Pinterest? I know! I was there, too. I started creating my own patterns, selling my work, creating custom designed pieces, and then selling my patterns and knowledge. It's been a surprisingly quick and wonderful journey, and I am so so honored to share this art with you, to help you achieve the best of the granny skills, and get a chance to make something beautiful for you home and your heart!

Our first online course is called, Beginner's Botanical Embroidery! Have you ever taken an online crafting course before? Basically it's a section of our website that is exclusive only to class members where I'll be teaching you the art of embroidery; it's self paced and accessible at any time after your purchase. After purchasing, you are able to try it out whenever you like, whether that's today or a year from now! It will be here waiting for your attention, and you can read my words and advice when you are in need of them.

In our first ever course, you'll be learning basic embroidery skills such as basic tools, 16 beginner stitches, and 3 original botanical patterns. The patterns are pictured above! What do you think? I love them, and they are perfect for this course! You get a little taste of everything there. The one question we have been getting the most is:  Will there be a kit available with this course? The answer is YES! We do have kits available with this course at limited amounts! We only have 24 kits available for the month of August - we want to see how much interest we get. We'll probably have a drop of Course Kits each month! Inside the kit, you'll receive 3 full color printed patterns on linen, an embroidery hoop, needles, embroidery scissors, a pin cushion, and threads. This kit doesn't include any exclusive gifties like the Embroidery Club - that's just for the club! 

I am just truly so excited for this course. I cannot wait for you guys to try it out and to hear your feedback on it! It's a dream come true to see the vision come to life, to finally get this idea out of brain and into reality. I hope that you enjoy it if you choose to try it out, and that you walk away learning something new and fascinating to you. Definitely let me know if you have any questions! Leave a comment here or send me a quick message. I'll make sure to get back to you as quickly as possible! 

Also, a little note, the course and the supply kit are separate purchases. We did this so that you'll be able to get the course PDF straight to your inbox along with the supply kit. This also allows you to purchase the course alone, with no supplies, if you wish to go purchase them yourself. Hope that makes sense!

Want to see more courses here? We have a few ideas brewing, but we always love hearing your ideas. What kind of course would like to see on Under A Tin Roof? A gardening start up course? Designing your own embroidery patterns? Leave me a comment! Thank you for always supporting us and our dreams over here. It means the world!

xoxo Kayla