The Truth Behind Our Food | Lucky's Market

The Truth Behind Our Food | Lucky's Market

Whenever someone asks us if we miss anything from living in Texas, the one thing that we can all agree on as a family is the grocery stores. We lived in the suburbs of Houston for a little over three years and found that no matter which neighborhood we moved to, there was always a really fun grocery store nearby. There were a lot of made-in-house options, like really good ones, freshly squeezed orange juice or a fancy deli. The selection of organic products was a lot bigger than in the Midwest, and when we moved to where we live now in Iowa, we knew that we would miss having so many fresh options at our fingertips. The nearest major grocery store around here is 15 miles away in every direction! 

It wasn't long after we moved here that our family introduced us to Lucky's Market. Right upon walking in, we knew that we felt like we were able to bring that specialty grocer back with us. What an awesome place! The signage and atmosphere alone make you feel so welcomed and different than any other grocery store I've been in. We were in love with the fresh, made-in-house options, the adorable cafe area, and the fact that you can grab a $3 glass of wine while you shop. What! That was actually one of the few drinking opportunities I took on my 21st birthday. Living large! Now we frequent Lucky's more often than we do any other grocery in the Iowa City area. It's where I purchase a majority of my home remedy ingredients, like essential oils, carrier oils, and butters. It's also where we find interesting new things to try, like locally made soap and interesting fresh breads and cheeses. The options are endless, and we love seeing a store that is so involved with its community. That makes it fun to visit!

It was a no brainer when Lucky's contacted us for a little collaboration. Since changing over our eating habits, we've been coming to this store more and more often and cannot speak any higher praises for it. I love a grocery store that makes me feel welcome and at home. When we met with the team and heard their motto, "We believe good food is a right, not a luxury" it felt so good! Because that's exactly what we believe, too. 

I think that most of you know that we decided to try living a little more consciously about the food we were putting into our bodies. Not the calories or fat or carbs necessarily, but the quality of the food, the realness and rawness of it. We've cut out quite a bit of processed food in our lives and are trying to live with more organic options. This doesn't always make the cut, and more often than not, we find ourselves having to make choices between an organic piece of produce or organic meat. While that particular decision is still constantly up for debate between our family and even within myself, it's something that I really think Lucky's does a great job of working around.

When you walk in the store, you might be surprised to find some new and interesting options inside, like organic macaroni and cheese or even eco-friendly household cleaners and toilet paper. While these types of products are becoming more and more normal, I think the average consumer will also be happy to discover that there are plenty of familiar products in their stores, too. The Lucky Brand products are actually really wonderful, and even though I like to think that I can always make our own ketchup, sometimes I have to buy the bottle, and I am really quite satisfied by the Lucky's private label product! So if you're a lover of standard ketchup or macaroni and cheese and just cannot live without it, then you'll be able to find something that suits you inside. It's a place where you can find more diverse options, but not feel intimidated while shopping. They really nailed that one on the head!

That's honestly my favorite part about the entire store. I don't feel overwhelmed, or like I can't ask a question about something a little out of my comfort zone! We're becoming more and more open to different options for our diets, and I think that this store is a great gateway to shop better and healthier. Not to mention more locally! Did you know that they have an entire section of seasonal, local produce? Yes! It was such a fun section of the store last summer/autumn. It's still a little early right now, but around August you can find some awesome local produce in the store from the surrounding Iowa City area. I love walking in and finding a locally grown, organic vegetable. What more could you ask for? While Jill and I walked around the store, we felt that it was almost like the next best thing to the farmer's market. And if you can't make your way to one, or you don't have one near you, you still get that exciting and friendly vibe when you walk in. Not to mention the Sip and Stroll aspect. I mean, could you have anymore fun in a grocery store? You can buy a $2 pint of beer and 2 slices of pizza for $5. I think that's a pretty sweet deal! And when you do, you'll get a fun little cup holder to add to your cart while you shop. I love it! 

One of my favorite ways to shop is with my Lucky's Market Rewards app. It's super easy to use, and you can find some really awesome deals on it. It's totally free, and it comes with a lot of awesome coupons that you can use in the store. Not to mention that there is an entire Rewards section where you can earn some free goodies, like their option to purchase 10 drip coffees and get the 11th free! I have accomplished that in a matter of days! There's always a great deal happening and having the app makes it so nice to see everything collected in one spot and lessening my paper ratio at home with clipped coupons.  

While the food is great and the experience is a blast, it's important to note that Lucky's has a really big heart. For every customer who brings in their own reusable bag, they offer a donation in exchange. It's called Bags for Change, and when you bring in your own bag, you receive a token to donate to one of their nonprofit organizations they've partnered with. How awesome is that? And they match every donation made. Amazing! I just really love their involvement with their community; they host some really fun giveaways on Instagram and even host local events in their cafe section of the store. 

Lucky's Market has locations all over the US, and you should definitely check and see if there's one near you! Today on Instagram we are giving away a really awesome prize to TWO "lucky" people! You'll receive THREE of our reusable market totes filled with yummy goodness from the Lucky's Market private label (Wild Rose, Herbs, and Eat Real Food designs). There's some coffee and tea and honey in there plus lots more. It's really good! Head over to Instagram and check that out. One local reader will win one, and the other we will be shipping out to somewhere else in the US!

Plus, if you leave a comment on the blog today with your Instagram handle, you'll be entered for an extra entry! 

Do you have a Lucky's near you? Let us know in the comments and why you love it!

xoxo Kayla

This post was sponsored by Lucky's Market of Iowa City.

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