Herbal Interests | 3 Summer Simmer Pot Recipes

As much as I absolutely love burning beeswax candles in our home, it just doesn't always get the trick done when it comes to scent. Do you like having your home smell good? I'm definitely not a lover of overpowering candles or air fresheners. They always smell kind of sickly to me and make me queasy, which probably makes me a big baby! But that doesn't mean I don't love a simple fruity fragrance or something resembling yummy things being made in the kitchen throughout the day. One of my favorite ways to get the house smelling lovely without being too strong is by using a simmer pot! Last autumn, I shared a few of my favorite simmer pot recipes, which is probably the best time of year to try one in my opinion! I've been wanting to experiment with more summer-like scents, especially now that we have an entire garden filled with herbs to use! It was so fun coming up with fruity and floral scented combos. I hope you love them as much as I do!

When making a simmer pot, you want to use as many fresh ingredients as possible. The nice thing about these combinations is that you don't necessarily have to simmer them over the stove to use them for the scent. They can sit in a large mason jar in your room and be just as scented, but I think it works better when they're being simmered. I don't have exact measurements for you; just dice up your ingredients and cover with water until they all float. Place over the stove and bring to a simmer until the scent makes its way into the room. I usually simmer for about 30-45 minutes. You can store these recipes in a jar in your fridge and use a few times more, or until the scent fades.

Lime, Mint, Cucumber, + Ginger

Try this perfectly citrusy combination! This one really livens up a room and makes it feel fresh throughout. The lime and mint make a great pair, just like a mojito, with the cucumber calming it down. Add an interesting note by dropping in a few slices of fresh ginger.

Grapefruit, Lavender, + Almond

I really love some the scent of grapefruit, though the taste is something that I've never been a huge fan of. That's probably why I don't mind slicing one up to simmer on the stove! Pair it with fresh lavender sprigs for a lovely calming scent and a dash of almond extract. Yum! If you don't have access to lavender sprigs, try rosemary instead.

Lemon, Rosemary, + Vanilla

This one is actually a cheat because I used it in my last simmer pot post, but I just adore it! This is always my go to recipe for a lovely smelling home. It's actually the recipe they use in Williams Sonoma, if you can believe it. Now you know how they keep their store smelling so yummy! A little dash of vanilla makes this pot so inviting and homey.

Are you into keeping your home smelling lovely in the most natural ways possible? What do you use? I do love beeswax candles more than I can say! Who doesn't want a candle that actually purifies the air? I think simmer pots are such a great solution to using up herbs and fruit that might be ready to hit the trash bin and also using natural materials to bring on the wonderfulness that is fresh scents. Enjoy!

xoxo Kayla