Sharon Springs, New York: Our Unexpected Road Trip

Sharon Springs, New York: Our Unexpected Road Trip

Phew! I still cannot believe that we decided to drive all the way to New York the weekend before last without any preparation or inventory or anything. We found a cheap hotel, loaded the trailer with what we had, and said, "Let's go for it!"

In case you missed it, about two weeks ago we received an email from the lovely folks in Sharon Spring, New York saying that we were vendors in the Beekman 1802 Garden Party. What?! We had applied a month earlier on a whim and didn't end up hearing back. Though we were bummed, we figured we had applied late, and that they probably had just found other vendors to fill the spots. The email was such a surprise! How could we possibly pull that off? After debating back and forth between the worth of the trip and if we could even make it there, it was a definitive yes. With a day to spare, we finished up our projects around the house, packed up our products, and hopped in the car. Jill and I were so nervous/excited to see upstate New York and meet Josh and Brent!

Upstate New York is gorgeous. Wow! What a wonderful place to live. We are always blown away by getting to venture out and see the hidden countryside of US in other states. Now we know what to seek out when we travel! Of course, being new gardeners and lovers of farming, we paid much closer attention to what kinds of crops and livestock were being raised in this part of the US. It was nice seeing that the area around the Adirondack Mountains believed in organic food. Sharon Springs is a small town, only about 600 people, and the neighboring towns are Amish farmed as well. We honestly felt like we were at home, with the difference of hardly any field crops (save for vineyards) and lots and lots of forests. We don't have a lot of forests around here! But we do have lots and lots of feed corn and beans. 

On one of the nights while we were away, we ate at this amazing place, the American Hotel! We also met the man who owns it, Doug, who is also the mayor of Sharon Springs. It honestly felt like we were in Stars Hollow. There were Taylors and Lorelais everywhere. Even the festival felt like something out of Gilmore Girls. It was so nice meeting the entire Beekman team and what felt like the majority of the town council. Ha!! Seriously the kindest people. It's no surprise that the Beekman slogan is, "Hi, Neighbor!"

Anyway, if you're in town, eat there! It was delicious. Jill and I both had seafood since we were on the east coast. You have to have it fresh when you can!! The lobster was divine.

Our most important task of the weekend... meeting Josh and Brent! And we did it! There was happy dancing all around. Actually, we got to meet a lot of Team Beekman, and they are all incredibly humble and sweet. What a great group of people working together! We can only hope to imagine that our business may one day grow into a team of such kind, helpful people. Can you imagine a team behind Under A Tin Roof?! For now, I think Jill and I will just be grateful we have the privilege to run our own show.

As for Brent and Josh, we've made mention of them around here quite a bit. I am an avid fan and user of their cookbooks, which feature all heirloom recipes with ingredients you should be able to find in your garden. I heard a little birdie say they'll be releasing a new cookbook this fall. You know I will be getting my hands on that! Jill was able to get a photo with them, and even better, holding some Under A Tin Roof goodies! Eek! And there I am, making off with their Honeysuckle and Moss Lotion. It smells SO. GOOD.

We were also able to see our dear friend, Melissa, again of Tilly's Nest! She was at the Garden Party spreading the word about backyard chickens. She definitely helped give us the final push to raise our little flock! If you haven't read her blog or checked out her books, you definitely should! She is the chicken expert and is always open to giving advice. She keeps bees, too!

It was such a great trip! We loved getting to meet the people of New York and share our goodies with you. Now on to the next adventure... our first Open House Event! It's this weekend, Friday June 9th and Saturday June 10th. 10 AM- 5 PM both days. If you're local, you should definitely come stop by! We'll have our showroom open for you to shop, you can learn about our upcoming class schedule, and take a tour of our tiny homestead. It's going to be so fun! (:

xoxo Kayla

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