UATR Embroidery Club | June Update

UATR Embroidery Club | June Update

Hello! Happy Thursday, friends! 

This is the third week of Embroidery Club and WOW! I am so surprised at how fun it has been. Not so surprised by the smaller amount of comments on last week's blog, but a little deflated to be honest. Actually, I wasn't really sure what to expect! And it's still so new, that it could change as we venture on. If you happened to tune into my live session on Instagram last week (they're going to be every Thursday at 10 AM CST, by the way) then you might have heard me talking about that. When I started the club, I was really hoping to have a conversation on that first post and kind of see where everyone was hailing from, what your skills were, and answer any questions you might have. So far, not so many comments, but LOTS of private messages! Y'all must be introverts, which is awesome, because I am one myself. The loud and proud comments section seems much more daunting than a secluded private message, and I get that. One hundred percent get that. 

It actually seems like y'all are enjoying the live feed! I've been getting lots of questions there, which is so fun, and I like that we get to talk in real time. If only we could all be sitting in a circle and having coffee together! If you missed any of the the live feeds, I have been posting it to Facebook afterwards. And no worries if you don't want to participate in the club part at all, and you'd just rather work on the patterns. Do your thang.

I do have some announcements I'd like to make about embroidery, so here they are:

1.  I will be releasing the pre-order of July's pattern (it's going to be a honeybee!!!!) on the 26th of June. That's a little over a week from now. Eeek! I've had so many of you talking about wanting to get your hands on next month's kit. We will only be having 25 available again, so you will want to look out for that pre-order. It will be 25% off until July 1st and then will be on regular sale.

2.  At the end of this month, AKA June 29th, will be the last blog date for this month's pattern. I really want to share your work here on the blog! I already have a few photos from a few people, but if you would like your work showcased here and a little shoutout, send me a photo!!! Or tag us on Instagram and share it with your friends. Y'all are so creative! Use the hashtag #UATRembroider (: 

3.  Are you reading all of this, wanting to join, but feeling like you have to back out because you've never embroidered before? Don't worry! I'll be releasing an online course for beginning embroiderers in mid-July! You'll learn everything you need to know to get started. For now, I do have an exclusive video teaching stitches for our Embroidery Club Newsletter subscribers. The list just keeps growing, and I am loving it!!! Click HERE to subscribe and get access to that video.

In parting, I have several questions I have been wanting to ask you guys!!! If you're participating in the club this month or want to participate next month, would you mind filling out this quick survey? It should only take a few minutes, and when you take it, you'll receive a coupon code for 10% off to use on next month's design. Whaaat! So awesome!

Thanks, you sweet stitchers. I'll see you here on the blog in two weeks. Until then,

  • Head over to Instagram today at 10 AM CST to watch Kayla on the live feed. She'll be stitching the June pattern and answering any of your questions.
  • Want to introduce yourself to the group? Head over to the last blog post HERE and leave a comment!
  • Don't forget to keep stitching and share photos of your work! Use hashtag #UATRembroider
  • Want to purchase this month's pattern? Click HERE to grab the digital download.

See you soon!

xoxo Kayla

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