Herbal Medicine Research Roundup!

Herbal Medicine Research Roundup!

I started the series Herbal Interests waaaay back when after I had just started growing herbs from seed in tiny clay pots near the kitchen window. It was a new hobby for me to take on, and though I had heard many wonderful good things about growing your own herbs, I didn't really know what to use them for! My endless research began, learning about herbs and their properties, even finding out some the superstition and magical history that these plants held. Apparently wearing a certain herb around your head or neck can signify a lot, at least in ancient times! 

I realized that it had been a long, long time since I had shared some herbal medicine research. These posts are from a while back, but there are so many new readers around, I figured that they might be difficult to find! I feel like it may be time for some new posts on my herbal research, but I'll probably wait until my herbs start growing in my garden. I have some pretty decent established ones, and the others are just now popping up from seed in the ground. It's actually quite difficult to tell what is a weed and what is not right now!! Some new herbs I'm growing this year are Bee Balm, Yarrow, different varieties of Basil, Oregano, Dill, French Tarragon, Spearmint, and Summer Savory. Are you growing any herbs this year? Maybe these posts will inspire you to try starting a tiny garden in your kitchen window! 

Herbal MEdicine REsearch Part I

Basil, Chives, Lavender, Oregano

herbal medicine research part III

Parsley, Dill, Cilantro, Chamomile

Herbal Medicine research part IV

Fennel, Lemon Balm, Tarragon

essential herbs for your medicine cabinet

Looking to fill your own herbal medicine cabinet? These are my go-to herbs for cures and teas!


loose leaf tea vs. tea bags

Find out if loose leaf is better for you than tea bags!

how to brew herbal teas

Curious about making your own herbal teas, infusion, or decoction? Try this post!

herbal remedies for allergies

My favorite herbal tea for allergy issues! I may be needing to take advantage of some of these this month. Achoo!

I hope this helped in navigating our blog! I know that posts can get buried, and these few on herbal medicine are just too good not to see! What are your favorite herbs for your medicine cabinet? Do you make teas? Leave a comment, and let's talk about it! (:

xoxo Kayla

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