Around the Homestead with Fin + Vince

Around the Homestead with Fin + Vince

Have you seen our "Friends" page here on the website? It's where we keep a log of all of the brands and companies that we love and enjoy sharing with you. I started working with the children's clothing brand, Fin + Vince, over last autumn. Immediately, I fell in love with their clothing. It's soft, durable, and extremely comfortable for kids to play and move freely in. I have loved getting to know the two women and mamas who own the shop, Makel and Sara, who are absolutely sweet. A couple of times a month, I write blog posts for their blog, which feature more kid-friendly crafts and recipes. It's been so fun! I enjoy it so much, especially getting to kind of break the routine I have built around here (:

I wanted to kind of just make a small statement about sponsored posts on here and Instagram as well, where a majority of our website traffic comes from. We try really hard to only bring you sponsored content from brands and companies that we actually use and love. While this doesn't mean we always get paid (or really ever!) for blogging, we know that it means we are bringing you original content with products courtesy of some amazing people who work so hard to have their dreams seen. While we've decided that space for advertisements just doesn't work on our website, we hope that you pop over to our Friends page and take a look at some of the past brands we've worked with. They are all there for you to easily see and find! It's such an honor!

The new Fin + Vince spring/summer collection is called "Grandma's Secret Garden." UHM. How perfectly sweet is that? I feel like I now own grandma's secret garden in my backyard! I felt like it was the perfect setting to share some pieces from their new collection which you can see here. We romped about the grounds of our tiny homestead, enjoying chickens and the garden, and our greenhouse. It's been a truly magical weekend and past few days. I just cannot believe that we made it all happen and that it all actually looks as beautiful as it did in my head. Our family works as a great team, even little Tad, who adds life and color to my photography - my little muse and best friend. 

Last night, Tad helped me clean out the chicken coop. The girls have been locked up tight for the past couple of days due to the unpredictable rain and many thunderstorms we've been having. I missed Midwest thunderstorms very much when I was living in the south! So while we had some free time last night to let them out into the run before it started raining again, we shoveled poo into the wheelbarrow together. Well, I did the shoveling. Tad did the standing near the wheelbarrow and yelling, "Eeeeeew!" every time I tossed a new load in. Then there was the chain fiasco, where one of the parts of chain that holds up the feeder became lost, and I quickly realized that it was in the giant pile of waste. So... yeah. Digging through chicken poop to find this chain, all the while, Tad is yelling, "Ew! Mom, ew!!!" right beside me. It was a time. 

Earlier in the week, I shared our new favorite dessert recipe, lemon + lavender bars. Tad helped me with cracking the eggs! It doesn't always go well and most of the eggs end up on the floor, but it's fun including him in at least one baking activity every now and them. Most often, he just likes to stand up on a stool and watch all of the measurements and mixing happening. If we make bread or cookies, I always make sure to give him a little section of the dough to work with just like mama. 

Chickens and eggs just seem to be everywhere! Above and right is Tad pretending to be a chicken. "Bock Bock!"

How gorgeous are those flowers?! We bought some ranunculus and dahlias over the weekend to plant in the garden, and I discovered that you're supposed to clip them once the blooms appear full so that they keep producing. That made me happy! It also made me realize that I really don't know much about flowers. I am chock full of knowledge (sort of) on herbs and vegetables, but flowers are new for me. I am hoping to learn more! but I like a flower that has to be repeatedly cut to produce more. A flower that likes to be picked!! Our dahlias are already popping out new blooms, but I think the ranunculus might be done until next year.

This little sage linen romper is just the perfect color. I am loving a faded sage this spring! Everything looks so soft and sweet, especially when we're out tending to our plants. Last night, Tad stomped on one of my tomatoes. I don't always do well with holding in my frustration, but I decided to take a deep breath and ask him why he would do that. He hung is head and said, "Sorry, plant." Ugh, kid, with the charm. Toddlers - they're just like teenagers with their swapping emotions! Ha!! 

I loved being able to photograph Tad like this in some of our everyday situations. You'll always find us out in the garden, baking in the kitchen, or taking walks to get the wiggles out. There are so many adorable pieces from Fin + Vince for both boys and girls, and I love that they have a lot of unisex items! I'll say it again, but I love a kid's clothing brand that creates not only stylish pieces, but they are super comfortable, too. Tad can play and lounge in these, without the stress of a restricting waistband. 

Be sure to check out their new collection here!

xoxo Kayla

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