What is the Lagen Look?

What is the Lagen Look?

In case you missed our small announcement on Instagram, we have decided to move directions in our shop and products. Our children's line will now be discontinued, though we will still keep on a couple of items such as our Farmer Bears and Veggies, as well as our Sprout Tee. Everything else will be taken off of the site. We do still have a few items leftover from our last show that will be available for you to purchase, so act quickly! (:

The reason behind our discontinuation was a lack of passion and desire to continue making children's items. They were beginning to become a hassle and no longer inspiring. To fill in the gap, we've decided to expand and create upon our women's clothing line. Jill decided to make me a few new pieces, like a dress and long sleeved linen top for the Country Living Fair, and we fell in love. It was exactly what we had been wanting to make all along!

It was only recently that we discovered the term "Lagen Look" online; this giant wave of realization hit. Oh, that's what we've been wearing!!! What exactly is the Lagen Look, you ask? It simply means to layer, and is a much more popular way to style clothing in Europe, but is beginning to make a move here in the US. For us, the Lagen Look means to layer linen. We love the look of oversize clothing pieces made from high quality linen layered over top of each other. With drapes and tucks and beautiful cloth, this look is perfect for every woman, but most women who considered themselves in larger sized pieces of clothing tend to love this look. That's why Jill started creating tunics! 

I was absolutely surprised at how much I loved this style of clothing once I tried it on. It started out with our tunics, and then I received a couple of pieces from the fabulous Conscious Clothing in a collaboration with Mini Style Blog. I was hooked. The large, freeform shapes were simplistic and rustic, two words that I thought defined me as well. I felt like I could just be me in these clothes. My body didn't have to be sucked in or shoved anywhere. The linen hung in all of the right places and only increased my curves and personal shape. Jill felt the same way. There was no stress to hide anything; it only enhanced!

I remember when I first started wearing linen, I found myself tiptoeing around the thought of wrinkling it or spilling anything on myself. After the first few wears, the wrinkles just started coming in like crazy. It was actually really beautiful, and it dawned on me that the more wrinkles there are, the better the linen. It's supposed to be wrinkly, and that makes it beautiful! It also handles stains really well, and I find myself wearing my apron or tunic for everything messy, not minding if I spill a little something on it. I love gardening and working outside in my pants or dress and find that a little bit of dirt makes everything better. They are clothes for a night out, a day with your friends, or time spent in the garden. There are so many places I wear these clothes, and they are honestly all I wear anymore. My entire closet is linen! And sweaters for cold weather (;

To me, the Lagen Look is simplicity at its finest. Sometimes we say that it looks Biblical; we've had others tell us it has an Oriental vibe. I immediately think of a cool, wet day on a farm in the UK. Whatever it is that these clothes remind you of, we find that they were perfect for someone wanting to live a carefree and simple lifestyle. There's no need to worry about what your body is doing, only how your heart is feeling. 

What do you think? Would you wear the Lagen Look? You can take a sneak peek at our entire Lagen Look collection here, which will be available in May! (:

xoxo Kayla

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