Country Living Fair 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee!

Country Living Fair 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee!

What a weekend! We traveled all the way down to Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night and made our way to a little town called Lebanon where we sold our products at the Country Living Fair. It was a blast! Our first fair was last October in Georgia, and we were so surprised at how much we learned and the amount of fun that we had. That was where we met our friend, Melissa Caughey of Tilly's Nest, who we were able to reunite with at this fair. I'm so excited for the new ideas that we discussed together!!!

This year, we brought our dear friend, Renea with us to help out in the booth. We found that last year, we weren't able to participate in as many of the meet and greets or workshops as we wanted, since someone needed to be in the booth at all times. There's really no down time as a vendor at this fair! There were a few places and people we wanted to meet where the both of us could go together, which called for our first "employee" HA! Renea, thank you so much for all of your help and kindness towards our customers - you rock! (:

This year, we also met the adorable Ruthie Collins (who bought some things from us - aaaah!!!), who is an amazing musician and vocalist. Check out her work here! And the sweetest woman, Mary Beth Temple, wandered into our booth and introduced us to her wonderful books on fiber art. I was able to join in and help her teach a workshop on arm knitting one of the days, which I essentially did not help with at all, but it was so fun. Thanks for including me, Mary Beth!! 

The show did get rained out for most of the weekend, which was a bummer, but there were still SO many shoppers that we definitely could not complain. Stella Shows, who runs the entire production, is always so helpful, kind, and resourceful. This is only our second show, and we were still so impressed with how easily the show is put on for vendors and customers alike; thank you, Stella crew! As always, we're finding this show is more about the connections and friendships you make than the sales you gain, and while were happy with both of those things, I am so curious as to how full the show would have been had it not been storming all weekend! 

Above, we are with our best fair friends, The Old White House which is owned by husband and wife team, Theresa and Duane. They are the BEST! We just adore them. The kindest, funniest people, and they always fill us with belly laughs. One of these days we will have to travel to Michigan and have a real dinner! I've written about their products before here, and I still use them to this day. All natural, lavender home and laundry cleaners. To. Die. For!

Also above, with Mary Beth Temple, "helping" teach her arm knitting class. Honestly, I had never arm knitted before - it was really fun! I'm wearing my finished product, which turned out really beautiful. The fair was sponsored by Joann's, so we had to get a snippet of them in the photo. It's so easy to do, and you can watch her videos on the process here as well as purchase a copy of her book filled with arm knitting projects. It only took us about thirty minutes to finish a full scarf!

Some photos from inside of our booth, which changed everyday as we sold product and found better places to stand. That's how it always goes with us - change, change, change! You can see that we had a little section for our baby products... I'm just going to say right now, what we have left from the show is all that we'll have left to sell online, ever. Yes, our baby products will be going away. We just don't enjoy making them anymore, and while they were fun, it's time to move onto bigger and better things. We are sorry if you were holding out for something. Within the next few days, we'll be updating our stock to showcase what is left, and you can grab it then. We will be keeping the Farmer Bears and Veggies, however, so no worries there!

I also have weavings and embroidery hoops left for those of you who were asking if I would be selling them online. The answer is, yes! I am hoping to photograph and get those available to you soon!! We had a lot of questions about the large doily wall hanging as well. It will not be for sale online, but we also offer to sell it at the shows if someone really wanted it. Though, we end up just telling everyone how we made it, which is INCREDIBLY EASY. Just find a bunch of vintage crochet doilies, put them in embroidery hoops, and attach them all with clear zip ties. That's it. It takes about an hour to put together, after you find the doilies of course! (;

We loved our display this time, and are excited to make some changes for the next show in Columbus, Ohio! 

There were so many adorable booths filled with green at this fair. It was such a difference in comparison to last autumn when everyone's space was filled with heirloom pumpkins and cotton sprigs. I loved finding inspiration for our greenhouse while we were there. 

Thank you so much for your Nashville eats recommendations, though we didn't have a chance to use any of them this time. It was thunderstorms all day Friday and Saturday, so we decided to stay near Lebanon and Murfreesboro rather than drive into the city. We were pleasantly surprised with the cutest restaurant and grocery store, Puckett's, in Murfreesboro that had the best BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw. If you've been to Tennessee, then you have to try BBQ topped with slaw - it's the best! I had their meatloaf, which was to die for. Afterwards, we stopped in Hattie Jane's Creamery for some ice cream. Try their 'Nana Puddin! Yum!!

How cute is this customer in our Shop Local Buy Handmade Tees? Ah! We were loving it!! 

Quite possibly my favorite part of the trip, we stayed at the most wonderfully rustic AirBnB, filled with free range chickens, horses, and the sweetest dog. The woman who owned it decided to buy a small ranch on her own and redesign the entire yard to fit her needs. The stables were turned into rooms for people to stay in, fixed with a copper clawfoot tub and shower, along with a tiny house, giant tent for glamping, and the small home that we stayed in. It was incredible! I spent an entire evening just photographing her chickens, which was perfect fun to me. She even left us a couple dozen fresh eggs in the fridge. In a way, it felt like we were right at home. 

In all, we had an amazing trip! We learned so much and made our way home filled with new inspiration and ideas. So happy that we were able to see old friends and make new ones as well. We are excited for Columbus!! 

xoxo Kayla

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