My Favorite Free Knitting Patterns Vol. 2

Hello, friends! Happy Sunday. I don't usually post on Sundays, or the weekend really, because I like to spend time working on other things (like writing blog posts for the week!) or just not working at all - hehehe. But I thought it might be fun to share more of my favorite free knitting patterns I've found on the internet with you! I was seeing a lot of clicks over to my previous post of knitting patterns, and I suddenly realized that it's been a while since I've even knit anything myself! 

A couple of months ago, I was trying to rush to knit some little pairs of socks for the shop before spring hit, but I realized that I would be too late. I doubted many people would want to buy thick, wooly socks in the middle of June! So, I put down the knitting for a bit to work on other things, but I believe I'll be picking it back up soon so that I can fill our shop with stock this coming autumn and also make some time to knit myself and Tad some new things. Here are some patterns that I think would make wonderful knit items to have for spring and summer! When you think of the sun, you don't think wool, but we knitters have to have something to make, right?!

These dainty lace short socks would be a perfect spring knit! Not so wooly and could be made from a soft cotton for optimum air flow. I've been knitting so many baby socks, I think it's time for me to make a pair for myself. Looking for a free baby sock pattern? Have a go at mine!

I am picturing this pretty shawl on a cool summer morning, sipping coffee on the front porch, and watching the birds play in the light of a new day. There's dew and a gentle breeze and sleepy eyes involved, too. 

I saw this floor mat pattern pop up a while ago and had never thought to knit items for my home! How genius! I think this mat could be used for so many things, an entryway, the bathroom, by the kitchen sink. Since it is knit with cotton, it would work really well with water retention! What do you think?

Oh, this sweater is so pretty! I've been wanting to try and knit it for a while now. It looks thin enough to enjoy on a warm day with a breeze. I still have yet to try knitting a sweater, and I may have to start with a baby-sized one just to experiment and not waste a whole lot of yarn. Hopefully I can have some of my knitter friends help me! I am terrified of circular needles - eek!

A sweet little diaper cover - cries forever!! Tad's a little too old for these now, in my opinion, but wouldn't it be so sweet for a younger babe?! I'll have to find someone to gift these to. And it's knit flat!!

My last spring-inspired pattern to share, this sweet little bonnet with attached sewn straps. What a cute design! I love the garter stitch edge as well. I just love a baby in a knit bonnet! This would be so sweet for Easter. 

Enjoy, friends! I shall have to do this more often. I didn't realize so many of our readers were knitters! (: 

xoxo Kayla