A Nashville Playlist | We're Heading to Country Living Fair in Tennessee!

Happy Day! The first Country Living Fair of the season is finally here! Last year, we were vendors at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. This year, we will be attending three of the fairs (Tennessee, Ohio, and Georgia) to sell our goods. We cannot wait to see you all! Are you going? You can still purchase tickets here. The entire weekend is so fun. There are special guest speakers, classes, meet and greet opportunities, and of course, lots of really wonderful vendors and food. The pages of Country Living Magazine come to life at the fair. It's just a really fun time! 

Today, we are on the road with our little team, pulling our trailer across the states to Tennessee. The last time I was in Nashville, I was seventeen and on a trip with my high school choir. That was actually a lot of fun! We toured the downtown and a few historical sights including the original Grand Ole Opry, the haunted buildings of the city, and the Belle Meade Plantation. I wish we had more time to visit those places again, but we'll be working for most of our stay. I do hope to visit a few of the restaurants on from this guide by A Beautiful Mess. Eek! So pretty. 

When I visited Nashville in high school, we took a tour of the RCA recording studio, the label that Elvis signed to after Sun Records, and sat in the room where he recorded a majority of his music. I'll never forget the moment the tour guide turned off all of the lights, as our small choir sat in the seats, and she played Elvis' Are You Lonesome over the speakers. She told us the story of how Elvis and his bandmates had been struggling to record this particular song all day and were not getting anywhere with it. It was the middle of the night, and he made everyone turn off the lights and lie down and just play the song in the dark. No more looking at each other or working too hard. They played the recording that we all know and love so well, in the dark, and you can hear that in his voice as he sings. It's really so special! That was the moment that I kind of understood why Elvis was so captivating, and I started listening to a lot of his music and watching his movies. History is so fascinating! 

I made a little road trip playlist for us to enjoy as we drive to Music City, USA. You can listen to it, here, too! I hope you enjoy, and we cannot wait to see you there. (:

xoxo Kayla