Happy Second Birthday, Tad!

On Saturday, my sweet little boy turned two. We celebrated in a simple way, with not much fuss, and it was perfect. Last year, we had a little party, and I knew that this year I just wanted to bake a cake and have the four of us, meaning my parents, myself, and Tad, enjoy it and celebrate the life that is this whirlwind of a child. I still cannot believe that he is two! No more explaining how many months old he is to strangers or wondering when the "terrible twos" are supposed to start. They are here! And they are draining me of all energy, but it's a good thing I love him more than my heart can bear. 

The day was warm and sunny, perfectly breezy, and filled with all of Tad's favorite things, like hot dogs and a long walk and wearing boots. I decided to not get him any presents this year except a few new books, and his grandparents bought him some new tin cars to play with. My godmother, Nicole, drove out to visit, which was perfect since we hadn't seen her in a long while! We brought out the chickens in the late afternoon, and Tad napped for three whole hours. Bliss! Thank you, sweet boy! We drove through the country and saw chickens and cows and goats, bought eggs from our favorite Amish store, and I didn't think about work one bit. Just a really good day! Here are some photos. 

The best part of the day had to be my drooping chocolate cake, which was so disappointing to me at the time, but I'm finding the humor in it now! As well as when we sang happy birthday to Tad. Oh my goodness, do I wish I had a video of that moment!!!! Ah! 

When it came time to bring the cake inside and eat, I realized that we didn't purchase any candles. I dug about the house, in all of our junk drawers, and finally came across the package of birthday candles from Tad's last birthday. Say hello to minimalism! We only keep candles from years past and NO MORE! LOL! So, I find the candles, light them, get Tad set up in front of the cake, hand the camera to Jill, and we all take a breath and begin to sing... Tad freaks out! Like, he just started screaming as he suddenly realized all of the attention was focused on him, and we were singing like the silly ninnies we are. Oh, it was classic. The perfect two-year-old birthday. We all just started laughing and finished the song that he decided he hated. I will remember it always! Especially when he's 15 and has a girl over at the house. 

Theodore, you are so so loved by all who meet you! I hope that you have the best year yet and many more to come. "It's your birthday today. You were born on this day! Another year to play. It's your birthday today!"

xoxo Kayla

Tad's little knit outfit is from our friends at Fin + Vince. They're almost all sold out, so be quick to order! It makes the perfect Easter outfit.