New Products in the Shop!

Happy Monday, friends! I had a blog post planned for you today about shopping at our local co-op, but unfortunately we haven't been able to get out to take some photos because we've been so busy creating new products for our shop! Country Living Fair is almost here - the first one is in Nashville at the end of April (you can learn more here!). I feel like my fingers can't keep up with all of the embroidery ideas in my head lately. Though we thought that we might do a giant drop of products for Spring/Summer 2017, we're finding it's working a lot better for us to drop products when they are made and available to you. Our experiment with unique item drops has been so fun! So be sure to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter, and keep checking in to see what new items we might have available. 

For those of you asking when products will be back in stock, we try to create a new batch of items every month. If there's something you've really been wanting, don't hesitate to ask us about it - that helps us decide what is top priority!! For now, we have added a couple of new t-shirt designs to the shop, new towels, several herbal beauty items, and a spring beauty bundle! Keep your eyes out for new bonnets and bloomers coming later this week -eeek! And some new toys for your little ones, plus a brand new product that we are SO excited about. Ah I can't wait! 

Enjoy, friends! Click on the photos below to shop.

xoxo Jill + Kayla