"On the Farm" Toddler Mittens Knitting Pattern

Hello! Happy Monday and happy December to you. Wow! We received so much lover and encouragement from so many amazing people yesterday on the news of our big move. It was so humbling and welcoming and made our hearts so happy. I wish we could have you over for coffee and pie to celebrate! We are beginning to settle in, slowly but surely. The house is still a mess with moving boxes, misplaced furniture, and dishes without homes but we are so happy to be able to move into a finished home that only needs a few updates here and there. I find that when I have a new project, I immediately want to dive headfirst into it. I think it's a little bit easier to do that with my garden and livestock projects. You need a majority of the tools, supplies, seeds all at once. With this house, I can feel that I am already struggling. There is so much space that I am panicking and wanting to attack every corner all at the same time. We've made a vow to not touch the house, at least not with a hammer, until we have finished our new shop and garden first! So I must be patient and not spend all of my money on things for this house. I can already tell that will be a challenge!

However, there are things that I can make for this new house to place about and make it feely homey. I knit Tad this little pair of mittens back in October and personally adore them. Tad seems to enjoy them as well! They are a quick and easy knit, perfect for a beginner. I thought they were a nice little touch to the farm and farmhouse. I think you'll enjoy making these!

Tad has been having a blast exploring the new property and finding all sorts of treasures. I am hoping to make a special corner in his room to store all of his nature finds. We discovered a beautiful, abandoned birds' nest in one of the bushes behind our farmhouse that I think will work as a nice start. We have a lot of evergreens on the property to help block the wind, so that means lots of greens, pinecones, nut shells, and sticks. There's even a tiny fort, which was such a fun surprise to find out back, and Tad absolutely loves it!

If you'd like to download the free PDF of the pattern, you can click the button below!

xoxo Kayla