All Purpose Deodorizing Cleaner

All Purpose Deodorizing Cleaner

Woohoo! Let's talk about cleaning house. I have been wanting to share some all natural home cleaning recipes with you for a while now, but have just been scooting my way around it because, well, life happens. It's one of those simple types of posts that gets pushed to the wayside. You know what I'm talking about? This cleanser is pretty much the easiest DIY on this entire blog; it requires no heat, melting, cutting, stitching, etc. Just a few simple measurements and a shake. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about preparing your chicken coop for cooler weather. It's officially time for me to look into doing this myself. The roosts are looking a bit caked and gross, the nesting boxes are being used and someone (ahem, Olive) likes to sleep in the very top left box and poo in it all night long. It's lovely. I keep trying to get her to sleep with the other ladies, but she just will not listen! Apparently they also don't like her very much, and I have to say, even though she bugs the crap out of me... she did the cutest thing the other day. Since the weather is much cooler, I have been outside much longer through the morning. I don't usually let the flock out to free range in the mornings or early afternoons because it's full sun, hot, and there aren't many shady places for them to escape to other than the coop. And they actually prefer to stay in there for most of the afternoon anyway. I am planning to have a shady vine grow over their run next year!

Anyway, as I was working the garden, I was walking through the yard to place a basket of greens and herbs on the porch to be taken inside. Olive noticed me carrying something interesting, so followed all the way to the porch. I set the basket down and headed towards the coop to grab something, and she followed close behind as I did that as well. She followed me everywhere for the entire time I was outside, and I just felt this odd sense of pride and curiosity. I had heard of being followed by chickens, but it hadn't happened for me yet, and I was really excited! Of course, I tried to play it cool and act like nothing had happened. I am hoping to try this again soon.

I bring up my chickens because this cleanser can actually be used inside the coop! Yep. It will help neutralize all of those ammonia smells like a charm. You are welcome! This cleanser works well just about everywhere. Here's why:

INGREDIENTS for 16 oz bottle | 

How easy is that?! You can use this for countertops, windows, floors, or whatever else you think needs a good wipe down! We use vinegar to clean everything. And it stinks. We discovered the trick of adding essential oils to our cleansers not only for the benefits of being used as a disinfectant but it also kind of neutralizes that heavy vinegar scent. I also kind of associate it with being clean, though, so it's not too bad! Plus, that smell can be such a positive mood booster! 


I now only use vinegar, no water! It works really well, and you do not have to worry about bacteria from the water. I have read that using straight vinegar on wood floors can strip the finish after a while. This is more for countertops and other metallic surfaces like a faucet or sink!

To make this cleaner, combine all ingredients inside a 16 oz bottle and shake well. Spray and wipe away like you would with any other commercial spray cleanser. It's so much safer than anything you could use from the store, so don't be weary. This recipe works really well for countertops and can even be used to clean your shower. I love it! If you'd like your cleanser to last a little longer, try using a glass amber bottle to store it. Amber helps keep light from penetrating the mixture inside so that it may last a little longer. I would keep an eye on your cleanser though since it does contain water. Water can make things go bad more quickly! Keep this in a dark place, like a pantry or linen closet, until your next use.

Now go clean your coop out! This cool autumn weather has me in the mood to scrub everything down and turn a new leaf for winter. 

xoxo Kayla

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