Returning to Our Roots // Feeding the Birds

Hello! It's been a little while since we chatted last. If you aren't on Instagram or didn't see our last blog post, then you might have missed that I took a little vacation for the past week. I traveled with some family friends down to the Florida Keys - it was so warm! When I arrived at the airport in Iowa the bitter wind literally took my breath away. What a change a few thousand miles can make! So, so glad to be home and well with my little babe snuggled near. Though my trip was fun, it was much too long to be away. So much love out there to parents who have to travel often for work. 

Here we are now with another Christmas come and gone. I've noticed a lot of people taking down their decorations already, and we are in the same boat, though we didn't have much to take down this year! It was so nice only having some natural decor placed here and there about the house. We decided to try recycling our tree again this year. If you've been following along with our blog since last Christmas (which is so AWESOME! Wow! Thank you!) then you might remember that we recycled our Christmas tree by placing it in the yard and hanging edible ornaments for the birds on its branches. It was such a great idea!! We were able to watch the birds come and grab a quick snack while also being able to appreciate our tree a bit longer (and not having to vacuum up pine needles all day). Last year we made birdseed ornaments with peanut butter and apple slices. This year we were a little more creative! Check out below to see some new ways to make birdseed ornaments.


  • Birdseed
  • Non-Flavored Gelatin
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pine Cones
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Cranberries
  • Jell-O Molds
  • Twine


We made a couple of different options this year. We tried a gelatin based birdseed wreath, which turned out so beautiful! We also made pinecone ornaments and sliced oranges. There are lots of possibilities! Here is how to put together the gelatin wreaths:

  • Prepare one package of non flavored gelatin according to the package instructions. Spray your mold with a nonstick cooking spray. Once the gelatin is prepared, pour into your mold about a quarter of the way.
  • Begin to press in the birdseed, being creative with the layers, until you are satisfied. As you can see above, we pressed in cranberries and fresh rosemary to the top layer. The gelatin should begin to ooze through the birdseed. If you feel you need more, add it!
  • Let the molds sit in the fridge until set, about 2 hours.
  • To remove the wreath, dip the bottom of the mold without submerging the birdseed into hot water for about a minute. This should release the wreath and it will fall out once turned over! 
  • On a baking sheet lined with wax paper or aluminum foil, let your wreath sit in the fridge overnight. Wrap with twine and hang!

So easy! The best part about this is, depending on where you live, it should last throughout most of the cold season while the birds peck, and if it becomes to warm, the gelatin will just melt and your birdies can feast from the ground! 
We also made peanut butter covered pinecones, which is self explanatory. Just paste some peanut butter to the outside and roll in birdseed! For the shapes below, we covered the salt dough ornaments we made this year with peanut butter and pressed them into birdseed. You can read how to make our salt ornaments over on Fin + Vince's blog!

Wasn't that easy? Now you can continue to enjoy your natural Christmas tree a little bit longer and get rid of that guilt of putting in on the curbside. Or if you used a fake tree this year, you can hang these ornaments outside in your yard and enjoy them that way! We hope you have fun watching the birds eat their new treats!! 

xoxo Kayla