Herbal Interests // DIY All Purpose Wood Butter

I have seen a lot of talk of wood butter around the internet lately. Have you? It seems to be the latest DIY home trend, and I thought that I would give it a go myself. It was incredibly simple to make, quick, and it worked really well on all of my kitchen utensils! I posted a photo to my personal Instagram last week and had a few questions pop up on how I made it. I figured it would be fun to share here! Then, a friend of mine shared a wood butter post with me for children's toys. After reading the recipe, I realized that mine was extremely similar, we had just used different carrier oils! Being that this recipe is all natural and safe, it is okay to use on most wood surfaces such as kitchen utensils, wooden toys, etc. All purpose! 


  • 1/4 cup melted, filtered beeswax (my favorite place to purchase filtered beeswax)
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil/jojoba oil/grapeseed oil/walnut oil (This is your carrier oil. I used all coconut. You could divide them up and make a combination such as half coconut/half walnut.)
  • 5-10 drops essential oil for scent


  • Melt your beeswax. I use an old crockpot. If you're new to working with beeswax, most people prefer the pellets - they melt a bit faster. You'll want to use an old double boiler or makeshift one. Just make sure you pick a device to melt your wax that you won't be using for anything else! Beeswax is very difficult to remove from utensils/surfaces/pots. Melt your wax over medium/low heat. 
  • Stir in the oil of choice. I used solely coconut oil. You want a bit more oil than wax so that the butter doesn't over-solidify and is easy to rub into your utensils. The wax makes a protective coating over the wood, and the oil helps to spread it out.
  • Once they've melted together for a minute or two, nice and warm, pour your wood butter into a vessel of choice. I used a mason jar. You could use something else like small tins. Just make sure the top seals well. Drop a bit of your essential oil into the mix and stir with a wood stick (don't use metal!). The essential oil has to be added after. If it were heated over the stove you would lose a lot of its properties. I used rosemary oil!
  • Let set up on your kitchen counter for a bit. It takes around 20-30 minutes. Be careful about poking around inside! I did and splattered wax/oil all over my shirt and counter. The nice thing is the addition of a carrier oil makes it much easier to remove from surfaces!! 
  • Once the butter has set up, use an old rag or cheesecloth to spread and rub it into your utensils. Make this your wood butter rag! Let your utensils sit overnight and cure. If there's a bit of residue leftover in the morning, rub it off with a clean portion of your towel. They may be a bit sticky, but should dry up soon. Presto! I use mine about every 3-5 uses of the tools. 

This was such a lovely little home DIY for me. I don't usually like making new decorations, so this was a nice change! This would make a great housewarming gift as well, with a new set of spoons or a cheeseboard. Curing my utensils was really relaxing. I like taking care of my things... it reminds me why I love them and appreciate them. Next thing you know, I'll be talking to the wooden spoons (; 

xoxo Kayla