Reader Survey Results!

Reader Survey Results!

Happy Monday! We apologize if you were visiting this blog post earlier, and it was completely blank. Our internet was down for the morning - you know, rural living problems. Our internet goes down quite a bit out here! Or at least, it just takes a really long time for someone to come out and fix it. Either way, we really wanted to share some of the results with you from our Reader's Survey that you may or may not have participated in. We shared a short survey on the blog last week with the intention of gathering some information for ourselves (i.e. demographics, interests, boring things) and also to see what your thoughts were on what exactly you loved reading on our blog and what you might like to see more of. This was SO helpful in so many ways. Thank you to everyone who participated - we can't tell you how much we appreciate you all. It's such a blessing to be a part of this small movement of simple + slow living with you. If you missed this one, we are thinking about having another survey in autumn to see how you are liking the upcoming garden portion of our blog! Also, here's a sweet photo of Tad just because (;

So much wonderful insight hidden inside this survey! I now am kind of wishing I had asked more questions!!! One of the more interesting parts of this survey for me was discovering that quite a few people who took it were new readers, like that day, visiting us from all over the internet! So awesome! We're glad that you're finding us out there. Thanks for stopping by! 

Which type of blog posts are your favorite?

The majority favorite for current and future posts? You guessed it! Recipes! Y'all really love food, which is great, because I really love cooking. I left a few of the original options out because I felt that they were either too broad of a category or fit into ones that were already listed. Though recipes ruled out as your favorite topic that we write about, in all actuality, Simple Living was voted the most favorite topic coming in at 84%! That was such a great thing to see, as we hope that our entire blog encompasses the idea of living simply and sustainably. 

Why do you follow/read Under A Tin Roof?

To tie in with simple living, the majority of you left some super sweet comments under this questions about how you either were already trying to live simply or were inspired by our blog to do so. Amazing! So grateful that you said something. We are really hoping that our new lifestyle reaches out to you and helps you learn from our mistakes when it comes to sustainable living (i.e. gardening, waste-free home, composting, raising backyard chickens + bees, etc.). 
A few of you said that you liked visiting our blog for my personal thoughts on young motherhood and raising Tad. I feel like I need to say that it's been really difficult for me to write personal essays, mostly because we've moved past the baby stage. It was fun to write about nursing and weaning and new discoveries, but our lives have settled quite a bit now. Motherhood still brings new obstacles, but our everyday situations are not striking me as a place for deep thoughts and writing. In short, I'm struggling! I have lots of thoughts on single parenting and personal struggles with that... is that something you would like to read about? It's a difficult topic, but I would love to dive into it if you would like to read it! 

What would you like to see more of?

Hey, look at that! Recipes!! I loved getting some comments about how much you guys are enjoying the Colonial Kitchen series. I am really loving it, too, and I hope that any history nerds out there find it fun. This question helped me out a lot because it made me realize that we are heading in the right direction. I never really know if telling you guys what my dreams for the future are (pertaining to the blog) is ever a good idea. I suppose it's more my fear of jinxing those dreams or hearing that they're stupid! But, I am really hoping that our "backyard farming" journey leads to something big for us like a book! My dream has been to be a published author since I was very little, and I love knowing that the majority of you want to see more posts on gardening, herbalism, herbal recipes, and DIY projects. Thank you!!! 

Another thing - there was a decent portion of you who thought that embroidery/sewing/weaving tips would be a fun addition. There were actually a lot of questions on that, and I can't answer them all right away, but one thing I will say is that we are currently in the brainstorming/planning stages of our first e-course!!!!!! I was curious to see if any of you would like to learn because our first e-course will (probably) be for beginner embroidery! So excited. 

We currently publish one blog post a day Mon-Sat. Would you like to see more blog posts in one day?

I am actually really glad I asked this. As a new blogger (still under one year of writing this blog daily!), I am often reading to write. I love reading other blogs, and some of my favorites publish multiple times a day, but would our readers enjoy that? A large portion of you said no - 78% to be exact! And that's totally fine. I think that's a message in disguise telling me to slow down and to not put too heavy of a load on my shoulders. The same goes for parenting tips, womanhood essays, and personal essays. Those topics aren't coming naturally to me right now, but that's not to say they'll be gone forever. 

Do you have any questions for us?

Q:  Would you do a blog post on weaving/sewing/embroidering?
A:  The short answer... yes! I would love to write about weaving and other topics. I think that some e-courses will definitely be in our future and maybe even some physical classes! If you're local, would you be interested in coming to hang at our studio, eat some lunch, and learn how to weave/knit/embroider/sew/etc? Look out for some blog posts in the future!

Q:  What prompted you to start your business?
A:  Great question! Jill started this business back in 1997 (I was two!) to keep her creative energy flowing. She has some really great experience that I am lucky enough to have in my back pocket. As for our business now, I joined up because I didn't think that college was a great fit at the time. Tad was still nursing, I had just designed a new website for my mom, and I was working a part-time job at our local brewery. I started working the social media for Under A Tin Roof and it became kind of unofficial from there! So really, I was prompted by necessity, funny as it may sound. I love how we're evolving right now, and it's been such a treat + journey.

Q:  What have you found to be your biggest struggle in blogging?
A:  Oh, wow! This one has a few answers. In the beginning, it was about finding focus. I thought that I wanted to be a fashion blogger, do style posts and be really integrated with brands, but that just wasn't playing out right. My heart wasn't there. Once I discovered herbalism, the blog really took off for me, personally. I had some passion in the writing. Everything else has grown from that! Right now, the biggest struggle is not knowing if anyone's reading it. I can see numbers, but I don't know if it's enjoyable or if it's going to go anywhere. We appreciate every comment and question - it helps us know that you're out there! (:

Thanks so much for reading us, y'all! This survey helped us so much. We're looking forward to coming up with more recipes, DIYs, and lessons for you this upcoming year. And the garden!!! 

xoxo Kayla

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