Kayla's Blogging at Fin + Vince!

Happy Monday, friends! A little over a month ago I announced on Instagram that I had become part of the blog team over at Fin and Vince. It has been such a wonderfully fun collaboration, and I am so honored to be able to work with the lovely Sara + Makel, the two ladies behind the brand. If you haven't seen their clothing on Tad around the blog, then you definitely need to go check out their website right now!! We love their clothing for littles so much in our home. Beautifully designed, their colors are aesthetically muted + lovely, and the comfort level is perfection. The more I've watched Tad grow, the more I've noticed that his little adventurous spirit was built for comfortable clothing. That doesn't mean comfort can't be absolutely stylish, too! 

These are some of our favorite pieces from their current collection (and most of it's on sale!): 


  1. Knit Pants in Honeycomb
  2. Knit Cardigan in Slate Blue
  3. Leaf Joggers
  4. Linen Top in Natural
  5. Cottage Romper
  6. Rust Stripe Turtle Neck
  7. Rust Stripe Bonnet
  8. Leaf Romper

Everything is just so cozy! The little cottage romper in the photo above is the softest, and I just want to cuddle my little guy all day whenever he wears it. If you head over to their blog you can find more fun DIY projects and recipes geared towards little ones! I've really been loving coming up with new ideas! Click on the photos below to check out the blog posts over at Fin and Vince.

So happy and grateful to have this job! Be on the look out for more posts and definitely show the girls at Fin and Vince some love by shopping their store here and following them on Instagram. Too many cute babies to count! 

Tad's Wearing:  Cottage Romper | Linen Bunny Bonnet c/o Tortoise and The Hare | Round Rattle Teether c/o Wild Creek Co | Linen Jacket c/o Conscious Clothing | Scout the Deer c/o Cuddle and Kind

xoxo Kayla