Herbal Interests // Decorating with House Plants

Several months ago, I came across a dishtowel that read, "Plant Lady is the new Cat Lady." It made me laugh out loud. Though I feel like my plant obsession is unique, I suppose it's pretty darn trendy right now, whether I want it to be or not! Though, I think I still consider myself a Cat Lady (; I just can't help myself! Plants and cats? It's too much. You'll have to hold my arms back because I want them all!! As you know, I've been collecting house plants now for months. I started growing my own herb garden back in May and gave you an update on that a few weeks ago, but I have not really talked much about my succulents collection on here. I have been meaning to do a plant research post on them and see what kind of properties they may hold, especially my aloe plants, but to be quite honest, I have no idea what most of them are! When I purchased them, they did not have labels, and it's been on the bottom of my priority list to figure out what exactly they are. Either way, having house plants is amazing, and I'm here to tell you why!

We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, just as we take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. That makes plants and humans natural partners and having them indoors increases oxygen levels. This can be entirely beneficial to your home! The more interesting part of this cycle happens when you add succulents to the mixture. Some plants, such as succulents, orchids, and epiphytes, change up their routine at night, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. These plants are excellent to place in your bedroom to refresh the air while you sleep. Along with breathing easy, plants also release up to 97% of the water they take in. This makes them natural humidifiers to a room, and when many are grouped together in decor, they can really help a room out! Having indoor plants has been known to decrease dry skin, sore throat, colds, and dry coughs. 
There are several more benefits than just these, but as you can see, having some indoor plants can be such a great way to stay healthy and have something pleasing to look at. Personally, I have felt that our home looks much more complete with some green popping up in every corner. I am happier and so is everyone else. And it's been fun to rearrange and experiment with decor, though they need to be placed where sunlight can reach them!!

I am not going to try and fool you, our house is not anywhere near perfect, nor is it really some place that I want to share online, let alone use it to give you decor ideas. Because we've been busy building our studios and planning our kitchen garden, we've put the home renovations on hold. When we moved in, there was green shag carpet that was over 70-years-old and never washed - freaking nasty! We were hopeful to find wood floors beneath that layers of yuck, but all we found was the foundation, so our quickest option was to put new carpet over the top. I suppose the only reason I am explaining this is because I wish we had wood floors, but it just hasn't happened yet! So, just as a forewarning, keep in mind that these are styled ideas for how you could use plants as decor in your own home! We collected so many cute items from our friends over at The Shop Kalona and are using the most amazing planters by our family over at Schlabaugh & Sons

Though they aren't shaker pegs, any coat hooks you may have can be easily turned into a mini shelf with a plank of barn wood. Hang all of your favorites here, especially if you are planning a trip out to the garden later! I love that chicken dish from The Shop; mixing in minimalistic themes with some vintage and rustic finds really completes a look in my opinion! The little clay pitcher was handmade by my great aunt in the 70s, and I have been using it to store some of my weaving tools. I love it! My favorite decor pieces are always items that have been handed down. I have some vintage pitchers from my grandma that I absolutely adore and use as containers as well.
This ladder was a great way to display plants! There are so many possibilities on how to arrange them; whether you have little plants or big ones, having a variety is what makes this look really pop. Incorporating some other little trinkets like photos, books, or a candle can be a perfect way to cozy this area up for a living room setting. The basket also helps, especially if filled with a cozy blanket and pillow!

We've recently added a small office corner for me inside the house. Though we are often out in the studio, I spend most of my time working in the house because that's where my computer is and also because Tad feels most comfortable playing in this space. I would have incorporated my desk, but the air conditioner is taking up space in the adjacent window at this time! Ha! Jill painted this old window with chalkboard paint to create a wall calendar for me. It's been really fun to use! You can see all of our blog posts planned for this week as well as my handwriting that has been compared to Comic Sans. womp. That super cool astrology bandana is from the guys over at Fontenelle Supply Co in Des Moines, IA. Love their stuff! I love all of the gorgeous wood planters from Schlabaugh & Sons; they create such a unique and modern texture to the space! As we transition into fall, I've been loving placing sprigs of cotton all over the house. It's the perfect touch of autumn in every room.

You could say that the kitchen is the perfect place to use herbs as decor. They're cute and functional! I've placed my two youngest herbs in the window, fennel and lemon balm. My always overgrown peppermint is up on the shelf hanging out. I can never seem to trim her up enough! Any ideas for what to do with an abundance of peppermint? Maybe some holiday tea/coffee is in order! Mint is also a great herb to have growing in your kitchen, or in a window, as it deters pests. Yay!

I find that I enjoy working with tiny planters the most. They're easy to tuck into little corners and spaces. Perhaps growing real plants isn't your thing? Most craft and hobby stores sell fake succulents that look realistic enough to pull off that green vibe. These are perfect for tiny planters! Aren't the wood ones above adorable? I also love incorporating prints in with decor as well. The square prints from Artifact Uprising are my favorite to decorate with, as I can change them out easily and place them in all of my small, special spaces. There's no need to worry about getting them framed; the heavy, recycled paper their printed on stand well enough on their own, when propped against something. Also, those super cute "BRAVE" blocks are from my friend Terra who owns Wild Creek Co! She's the best.

And this is when I found Tad hoarding this little succulent for himself. A few minutes after this photo was taken, he had promptly dumped the planter's contents all over the floor and proceeded to stomp around in it. Oi! This boy is just getting more rambunctious by the second. Send help!!! 
I really loved staging these little decor ideas to share with you! It was so much fun. If you have any questions about where I found some of the pieces above, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and ask! I would be happy to send you in the right direction towards the wood planters by Schlabaugh & Sons, the vintage decor by The Shop, or the printed photos by Artifact Uprising. Thanks so much for reading! 

xoxo Kayla