Herbal Interests // Healing with the Sea

I try not to complain about it much, but since weaning Tad my body has been quick to change right before my eyes. It's something that most women tend to not mention, the oilier or drier hair, the sagging skin and subtle weight gain, and the acne that seems to never end. The internet doesn't really give a lot of information on changes to your body after weaning; there are many women who have written blog posts on it (like I'm doing now), but the research just isn't there to show any solutions for some of these problems. Though my body is different, I know that it is something that I don't feel I have to change. I still feel confident about that, but my face is something that I am constantly self-conscious about, picking and prodding at it. It's a bad habit, and I am trying to pull out my inner Alicia Keys and just rock my natural face. I don't wear makeup much anymore, but I'm still fairly shy about leaving my face bare in photos and at special events. It's hard! It's a really hard habit to break, and trust me, I have tried so many different products out there. I love finding natural beauty products, especially if they are cruelty free. But the products I've been choosing lately have not been working well with my new after-weaning-skin, which is super oily and acne prone. I've talked about using herbal teas (which I will be drinking more of now that it's cold), but I knew that I needed something more. 

I came across OSEA Malibu on Instagram several months ago. I'm a such a sucker for pretty and aesthetically pleasing packaging. My bathroom is not glamorous or even worth photographing whatsoever (trust me), but these bottles could sit anywhere and look amazing. And that's what essentially drew me in, the beautiful bottles, but I recently decided to dig a little deeper and find out more about these products. My face was starting to stress me out, which just made things worse! After creeping around on their website, I discovered that this company was still family-based and created by four generations of women. Their story started with Elsa, a woman who became one of the first female chiropractors in 1918 and went on to discover the healing powers of the sea. The company is now centralized around their amazing skincare line which was the first to sign the The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products. Their line is completely based on the natural ingredients from the ocean, and does not contain any animal by-products, GMOs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colors/fragrances, and many other toxic chemicals. They sounded amazing! 

But I wasn't quite sure where to begin, so I decided to take a chance and just ask. I contacted OSEA asking if they would heal my skin, and when they said yes, I couldn't have been more ecstatic! I was sure to explain the state my skin was currently in and any of my concerns. They were so sweet, letting me know what their recommendations were, and I just had to trust that they knew best. When my package arrived, I was so happy! It was filled with the Ocean Cleansing Mudd, an exfoliating deep pore and oil-controlling cleanser made with peppermint oil and tea tree oil to brighten your complexion, and it leaves a tingly and livening feeling on your skin. I love it! I also received the Blemish Balm which is made with organic seaweeds and cypress, juniper, and rosemary essentials oils and created to soothe blemished skin and hydrate without clogging your pores. They both smell amazing! I also received a couple of samples as well. I have been using them for several days now, twice a day, and I can say that I feel so much better and so does my skin. Wow!

This is not the greatest photo I have ever taken of myself, but I just wanted to share the lovely matte effect their products have left on my skin! I do filter my photos, but I no longer edit out blemishes or discoloration and haven't been since this blog started. It's been a huge improvement for my skin so far!!

I feel like you sometimes take a chance with natural products. For me, a lot of the time, they tend to not work the way I would truly like them to. Perhaps it is my skin, but I tend to take a lot of time to find a really compatible product. Using OSEA was the farthest thing from a disappointment. They knew exactly what I needed to heal, and now I am on the move to gather up a few more things from their list of products specialized towards oily and acne prone skin. I also just want to reiterate that we only work with brands that we truly love and choose to share with you, which is why we don't do a lot of collaborations! This company is a good one, I promise! Thank you, OSEA for healing my troubled skin!! You can shop OSEA Malibu here and read more about their ingredients here

xoxo Kayla

This post was sponsored by OSEA Malibu