A Pie + Flower Party

One of my fondest birthday stories that my mother loves to tell is from the year I turned three and requested a "Pink" party as my theme. She was a little thrown off, as she assumed I would choose something princess or cat related, two of my favorites. "What is a pink party?" she always recounts, to which I told her, "Well, it's pink, of course!" So it was done. A frilly, pink party, filled with pink napkins and candies and balloons and a strawberry cake with pink icing. I haven't had many birthday parties, but I do remember that one. As I've grown, I do love my birthday season, not because I enjoy celebrating but because autumn is the best, in my opinion. The weather was kind to me yesterday, bringing in the cold front I've been dreaming of and big fluffy clouds. It's been wonderful! So, when my mom asked me what kind of party I wanted this year (which was a joke between us because the party included my parents, Tad, and myself - ha!) I told her I wanted a Flower and Pie party, and we both laughed. What does that even mean? It means we have flowers and damn good pie, of course!! 


So, I gathered up all of the flowers I could, collected pumpkins and pretty natural decor for the past weeks, and made myself a pie. It's interesting getting older and then adding a baby to the mix, birthdays are no longer as important, though this was technically a big year. I can now legally drink, though when we went out for wine, I wasn't even carded. Boo! I guess the baby on my hip kind of gives way to that. Oh well, I still felt like an adult - an adult that can do anything she wants! Maybe I'll go out and purchase a lottery ticket today and take my chances.  

In retrospect, I am sure to most 21-year-olds, my birthday was incredibly lame. No, I didn't stay out all night and puke my guts out. I mostly wove, ate really wonderful pizza and pie that I made for myself, went to my favorite grocery store, spent time with my parents, and hugged up on my baby. I loved every second!


My son, my weird and wonderful son. Bahahaha!  


So, if you are looking for a simple and, perhaps, lame birthday solution like me, a Pie + Flower Party just might be the perfect solution. Set up a table outdoors, pick all of the prettiest blooms, and bake your self a tasty sweet potato pie. It was just what I needed to make my day a great one! 

xoxo Kayla