Tad's Turn Out No. 7

On cloudy days, we like to take some time out of our schedule for a country drive. It's one of my favorite things to do, especially while the seasons are changing. Growing up, I technically lived in a farming community, but the land was nothing compared to where we are living now. In Illinois, the land is extremely flat, and it was rare to see livestock roaming about. Our McDonald's was built directly across the street from a slaughterhouse, but you never saw any of the animals coming in. As a child and a teenager, I never thought about the countryside, because well, I hardly ever saw it. Kalona is rich in farmland, some of the prettiest farmland I have ever seen. We are within walking distance to rolling hills, gorgeous, overgrown ditch flowers, colorful produce, and free-roaming livestock. Driving down a dirt road during the harvest season, with fields upon fields of rolling golden corn and a red barn peaking in the distance is a sight that I don't think I could live without. Whenever we are out there, walking past a field to capture a photograph, I think of how amazing it is that my son gets to grow up around such natural beauty. There is something so picturesque and simple about seeing a classic, Americana farm. 

I hope that I can teach him and show him how beautiful the place we live in truly is. I know that when you grow up somewhere, and see it every single day of your life, that you tend to take your surroundings for granted. I hope that he always feels that this type of place is his home. I think about that a lot; if the type of setting that we live in is what will influence our children to grow up to be the best of their own potential. There are so many incredible places that I can picture us living; I find that I feel comfortable in all of them! A city life could be so interesting, motivating, and fun. And I can see us living on the West Coast, or maybe even overseas in Great Britain. It's a wild ride, this life, but I am seriously loving all of the bounty that farm life has to offer.

Squatting to get a better look at the cattle far off in the distance. You know, logical things.

Tad's Outfit:

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