Tad's Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Simplifying your lifestyle... that's what we like to consider one of the main focuses of our blog, products, and brand. This life is beautiful, and we believe that decreasing the negative, embracing the positive, and lessening our waste/spending less on things and more on experiences are the better parts of the small amount of time that we have here! This way of thinking has become rather popular within the past few years, which is great for small, handmade brands like us. Not only are we thriving on this idea of simplicity; there are so many absolutely amazing handmade businesses out there to choose from! When you shop handmade, you are building on someone's dream and choosing an item that was carefully made for your child. Though it is more expensive than purchasing a handful of items from a big brand, you are actually doing your wallet a favor. Many of the handmade items we love are made with such a quality, that they are built to last siblings and generations after. That works for me! 
This autumn, I decided that I wanted to try something different. While I was pregnant with Tad, I realized that when I went shopping for myself, I would rather purchase one well-made piece of clothing than ten decently made clothing that I didn't like as much, but felt would get the job done. When it came to shopping for Tad, I felt guilty purchasing a small amount of clothing for a higher price. I thought he needed more, and I thought that he would outgrow his clothes too quickly to spend that kind of money. Though children do outgrow things quickly, I've found that shopping for the nicer things and less of them has worked wonders for us. Thus began my plan for a capsule wardrobe.

Knit Romper c/o Rainer & Bear ; Long Sleeve Onesie - H&M ; Rabbit-Eared Cap c/o Tortoise and The Hare Clothing ; Raven Moccasins c/o Little Pine Outfitters ; Bee Teether c/o Wild Creek Co

So how does a capsule wardrobe work for little ones? It's really quite simple! After hunting around online, I found plenty of ideas for children's capsule wardrobes. A lot of them did not fit Tad's style or our aesthetic. I wanted pieces that were cohesive, comfortable, able to be layered, fit within our style (which I consider vintage-inspired and a bit European), and were high quality. He didn't need a lot... a few shirts, bottoms, rompers, sweaters, and shoes would suffice. I will say that rompers seem to be a favorite around here. They're so easy and comfy, too! Here's a compiled (and inconsistent) list of the items I've put into the capsule/uniform and how many pieces. Please note that we obviously have either more or less of these items; this is just what I think you need...

  • 5 cotton tees and/or long sleeve tees
  • 5 cotton bodysuits/onesies
  • 3 pairs of pants (skinny jeans, jersey/sweatpants, corduroys)
  • 5 rompers
  • 2 sweaters or sweatshirts
  • 1 light jacket
  • 2 bonnets/hats (one cotton/jersey/linen, one knit)
  • 3 pairs of shoes (leather moccasins, sneakers, rain boots)

"Follow Rivers" Tee c/o Chasing Windmills ; Sweater - Gap; Jeans - Old Navy (girl's department) ; Leather Booties c/o Ulla + Viggo ; Bee Teether c/o Wild Creek Co

I've found that toddler boys can be difficult to dress. The only options out there are cars, monsters, and teddy bears. Personally, I don't like the graphic tee look or the sportswear look. Boys can have style, too! That was the hardest part about finding wardrobe options for me, as an awaiting mama and now as a toddler mama. Instagram is a brilliant place to find some really unique items (For little girls, too! Each brand here has wonderful options for tiny lady babes!). When it came down to it, I figured, why not me? Putting this list together was heaps of fun, especially considering that I love making lists. A few of these items are from previous seasons, but every brand still carries equally adorable pieces. Below I have linked to the items featured here so that you can shop, too! 

Here are the clothing items broken down for your convenience! You can click on each of the products to go straight to them, or (if they are no longer available) be linked to the company they are from! So thankful that I can list them all like this, or this post would have been awfully lengthy - ha! (;

I hope you enjoyed this post; breaking down your materials and shopping smaller can be so beneficial to not only your wallet but to your life as well! I've found that I cherish each of these items so much more than I ever would have before. I make sure to take great care of each one, and though Tad is at times a ragamuffin (well, most of the time!), we still manage to keep clean. I also hope that this helps any new mamas out there who feel overwhelmed and confused by purchasing baby clothes, especially when you really care about what your little one wears! And please know that I love all of these brands from the bottom of my heart; I have gotten to know the ladies and men behind them - such wonderful, honest people! Shopping handmade is the best!!

xoxo Kayla